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The WWE Hall of Fame Kurt Angle will be held this weekend in St. Louis. Angle is currently set in St. Louis, where the WWE Royal Rumble is held. Fight Full Select.. But nothing is said about whether he will return to Rumble’s ring.

WWE discussed Angle returning to the company in an on-screen role, but it was pointed out that no other details were available. As of last weekend, WWE officials reportedly planned to host an Angle in St. Louis, but it’s still unclear what it’s for.

Ingres is part of Conrad Thompson’s podcast network, which is hosting a live show in St. Louis this weekend, but Ingres isn’t heading to St. Louis because of something related to the Thompson show.

Ingres hasn’t been fighting since losing his retirement match against Happy Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 in 2019. Ingres then made several special appearances on television and worked as a WWE producer for several months before being released from that role on April 15, 2020. ..

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Report: WWE Discusses Kurt Angle’s Return Report: WWE Discusses Kurt Angle’s Return

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