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In Cyberpunk 2077, we come across many cases where we can intervene in real crime. You may even have the chance to save the private sector and make money while doing it! This Cyberpunk Crime and Rewards Guide explains all you need to know about these tasks and how to collect your rewards.

How to collect prizes

One of the earliest things to learn in cyberpunk is to use V’s improved scanner to see who in Night City has a bounty on them. All you need to do to “collect” that prize is to conquer the enemy. that’s it. There are no drop-offs or phone numbers. When you’re done, the money is yours.

However, if you control the selected target and you don’t see the money pop-up on the left side of the screen, you may still be in combat...

During battle, cyberpunk does not display new XP or money earned during battle. Instead, after getting out of combat, you’ll see all those pop-ups. If your minimap has a red border and you see “battle” at the bottom of your minimap, you can tell if you’re in combat.

But is it worth collecting random prizes? Usually this is not the case. Individuals are usually not of much value and often need to conquer multiple targets. The value of individuals and the street credits they earn by crushing them (you can see the street credits displayed in green text next to the “SC” label on the scanner) will vary from enemy to enemy. For example, if you take out a criminal boss, they are worth a lot.

Reported criminal compensation

If you undertake an ongoing assault or other criminal task reported by NCPD, you will bring out some enemies who have prizes in their heads. But that’s not all you need to do for a reported crime. Many of them also need to get proof to “finish” their work. If you are still in the area and there is a task on the right side of the screen, you know you haven’t picked it up.

The “evidence” of a reported crime is often a piece of data on a laptop, sometimes in a wallet, or a piece of data for a person. You can find them using a scanner. They are usually near where most of the enemies were when they first approached the scene and are marked with a yellow exclamation mark.

If the evidence is successfully collected, you will see a “Job Complete” notification with payment on the left side of the screen.


Some reported crimes have multiple steps. After collecting the evidence, you will need to receive the payment, but if you see a job update pop-up on the left instead, check the journal in the menu. As you scroll down past the gig, you may see traceable goals for crimes reported in NCPD below the NCPD section.

Remember to plunder all items in the area after the reported crime has been cleared! At these events, you’re more likely to find junk items worth over $ 750.

It’s worth collecting and selling guns or disassembling them anyway.


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