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Genshin ImpactVersion 1.1 update has been released with a lot of new content. These include new quests, characters, trial / test runs and more. Of course, one of the biggest additions is a reputation system that offers many rewards, such as additional features and game-changing condensed resin. Here is our guide to help you.

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Genshin Impact: Reputation Guide for Monstadt and Liyue

To get started with Monstadt’s reputation system, you need to complete “Wind Outlander-Prologue: Act I”. Then talk to Hertha. She is in the north of Mondostadt.

Next, the Mondostadt reputation screen is displayed. It has additional panels for prizes, requests, world expeditions and Monstadt quests. Similarly, the reputation EXP value provided by each task or aggregate is displayed.Think of it as similar to Genshin ImpactBattle pass. You have a list of goals and you will earn EXP when you complete them.

World exploration – As far as I know, this just means walking around Genshin ImpactFinding secrets such as chests, sealys, anemocuries / geocris, in the Monstadt or Riyue region.

Monstadt / Riyu Equest – These show the quests / arcs completed in Monstadt or Riyue.

Genshin Impact Reputation Rewards Monstadt Liyue 1

Bounty – These are the specific enemies you need to kill in the game world. They can be marked on your map. Each bounty can offer 60 to 100 reputation experience points.

Genshin Impact Reputation Rewards Monstadt Liyue 3

request – These are tasks from specific NPCs in your area. For example, some ask for a few pieces of raw meat, while others ask for 10 sweet flowers. Each NPC request provides 40 EXP.

Genshin Impact Reputation Rewards Monstadt Liyue 4

The important thing to keep in mind is that you can only complete 3 bounties and 3 requests each week. This applies to both Monstadt and Riyue. Therefore, you need to identify your preferred region based on the rewards you can earn. If you prioritize your reputation in Monstadt, you will have a hard time gaining a reputation in Riyue if you exceed your weekly task limit.

In addition, if you want to see what Liyue’s reputation panel looks like, you need to complete the quest “Farewell, Archaic Lord” that follows the Rite of Descension. Talk to Yu from Liyue Harbor to see the rewards and tasks of reputation in the area.

Gen PctRep Condensed Resin 2

Reputation reward

Reputation rank Monstadt Reputation Reward Liyue Reputation Reward
1 Recipe: Northern Apple Stew Recipe: Golden Shrimp Ball
2 Blueprints: Anemoculus Resonance Stone – You can find Anemoculus in Monstadt.
Function: Monstadt Mining Outcrop Search-Blacksmiths offer side quests for mining ore.
Blueprints: Geoculus Resonance Stone – You can find Geoculus in Liyue.
Features: Liyue Mining Outcrop Search – Same as the Monstadt feature, but for the Liyue region.
3 Blueprint: Wind Catcher – Creates a higher gliding wind flow. Blueprint: Condensed resin (important notes below)
Four Recipe: Adventurer’s Breakfast Sandwich
Name Card: Monstadt-Heroic Fame
Discount: Monstadt store
Recipe: Lotus Flower Crisp
Name Card: Liyue – Thousand Ships
Discount: Liyue shop
Five Blueprint: NRE (Menu 30) – Consume the assigned food type without opening the menu. Blueprint: Adepti Seeker’s Stove – Create a portable cooking stove.
6 Blueprint: Portable Waypoints-Create personal fast travel points. It lasts 7 days. Only one can exist at a time.
Blueprint: Anemo Treasure Compass – You can find treasure chests in Monstadt.
Blueprints: Geo Treasure Compass – You can find treasure chests in Liyue.
7 Recipe: moon pie
Name Card: Monstadt-Blessing
Recipe: Tenshu Meat
Name card: Liyue – in the clouds
8 Glider Cosmetics: Azure Wind Wings Glider Cosmetics: Golden Flight Wings

Gen PctRep Condensed Resin 3

Since Monstadt is the first area you visited, you might think it’s better to cultivate a reputation EXP. Genshin Impact.. But in my opinion, it’s better to reach Liyue’s reputation rank 3 first.

The reason is due to the condensed resin. Normally, 20 original resins are used to complete the leyline outcrops and abyssal domains. However, the Liyue Reputation system rewards allow you to convert 40 original resins into condensed resins.

Think of using 40 resins in a single activity. In return, the rewards are doubled whether you clear the ley line or cultivate a drop in the Abyssal domain. This means that one trial gives you additional rewards as if you had done it twice, so you spend less time farming artifacts and materials.

Genshin Impact It is available from the official website. See the Guides and Features Hub for more information.

Genshin Impact guide: Reputation rewards and Condensed Resin

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