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Chandigarh: Since air There was high demand during the second Covid surge, Oxygen could contain impurities during replenishment.Demand for Medical oxygen It caused impurities and pollution, resulting in death.

This is highlighted in a recent editorial published in the “Environmental Science and Pollution Research” journal by Dr. Vivek Malik, Dr. Meenu Singh, and Dr. Ravindra Khaiwal. ICMR Advanced Centers for Evidence-Based Children’s Health, Departments of Pediatrics and Community Health and Schools for Public Health, PGIMER..

To avoid this, with ICMR PGI Doctors recommend oxygen audits and other regulations. “Impurity sources can be caused by production and delivery systems, and environmental pollution. There can be problems with refilling cylinders that may contain helium, hydrogen, acetylene, and argon gas.” Said Dr. Vivek.

During the second wave, there were allegations of death due to lack of medical oxygen. Oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen, membrane separators Oxygen concentrators have been commonly used.

“The current Covid pandemic requires long-term oxygen therapy both in the hospital and at home. Respiratory physicians need to supervise for optimal treatment. Unprecedented oxygen production and cylinder replenishment. Can pose a risk of impurities, which can lead to an increase in hidden mortality, “said a published article.

Box: Research Recommendations

Monitor on-site gas testing facilities, laboratories, calibration facilities

Check compliance and procedures for finished gas for quality

Purity and grade (ultra-high purity, minimum 99.999%) must be maintained

Random check of tankers, especially cylinders, for chemical analysis of oxygen gas

Impurity parameter certificate must be provided (ie carbon monoxide / carbon dioxide, moisture, arsenic, oil, halogen, oxidizing substances, acidic or alkaline, argon, hydrocarbons)

The test results can be cross-checked by the local government for foreign matter, moisture and contaminants.

Misuse of other cylinders (ie helium, hydrogen, acetylene, argon) to replenish oxygen without proper cleaning and conditioning should be monitored.

Monitoring disinfection of oxygen supply (pipelines and tubes) against unwanted fungal growth

Special care needs to be taken to test zygomycosis infection in recovered patients

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