Reset Era bans me without explanation

A black reviewer of Miles Morales was banned because he called for hypocrisy as a “black teen swagger” when he thought he was white, but suddenly became a problem when he turned out to be actually colored. Did not. I didn’t think the problem was a problem at all, the guy did nothing wrong, and certainly wasn’t a racist, he simply praised the characters and the game Was there.

This website seemed fine with the latest game news and general discussion of games, but as people have already said, you are chosen to go against the collective spirit. Too many people get angry that a voice actor with one skin color doesn’t even come to my mind, such as why it’s a problem that a character with another skin color can’t speak. If you don’t know the skin color of VA, it didn’t matter because you don’t always know how the person’s skin color sounds. Their general counter-argument is, “Because there are fewer black VAs than whites, the role of a black character should be automatically given more than a white VA.” How about developers adopting the voice that best suits their role? Isn’t that usually how job recruitment works? You remove a person’s ethnicity, beliefs, and sexuality from the equation and hire them based on the value they bring to the table. To make this worse is how they talk about people who say they should cancel, severance, or die.

After being permanently banned without a way to appeal or discuss the issue I just thought I would fuck that place, all I want to do is get off the miserable sewage pool of political rabbit holes and echoes. Without sharing your passion for the game with others is afraid to inadvertently offend and silence someone with the chamber. The game is fun and intended a way to escape the shit of modern life. Don’t pollute it with hatred or anger.

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