Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Plan Made For Halloween

Hey, what happened to Resident Evil Re: Verse? (Photo: Capcom)

Capcom will share secrets throughout the rest of October Announcement of the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Capcom’s Resident Evil series, technically held in March, but Capcom has some special announcements to celebrate this opportunity.

The official website of Japan contains nine announcements that Capcom plans to announce in October. Given the Halloween season, this is very appropriate, and Resident Evil features monsters of all kinds, from zombies to werewolves, but the creatures aren’t supernatural, they’re the result of twisted science. ..

So far, Capcom has already announced two projects. The first is a Twitter contest to win biohazard products, and the second is a reminder for Biohazard 4 VR, which will be released for Oculus Quest 2 on October 25th.

The remaining seven are scheduled for three on October 21st and two more on October 22nd. The penultimate announcement will be made on October 25th and the final announcement will be made on October 29th.

Capcom doesn’t give you a hint as to what any of them are, but fans can probably make some informed guesses. One of them should certainly have something to do with the next live-action movie to be released in December.

As for games, Resident Evil Village also intends to receive DLC at some point. Capcom announced this at E3, but didn’t share anything about it. If it’s something like the Resident Evil 7 DLC, it’s story-based and could further embody some of the characters and backstory of Resident Evil Village.

Given the unexpected popularity of Lady Dimitrescu, don’t be surprised if the DLC is centered around her.

Resident Evil Re: There is also Verse. You must have forgotten it? I can’t blame Capcom as it seems to be the case.

Another attempt at a competitive multiplayer Resident Evil game was aimed at being released with Resident Evil Village in May. But after being postponed to the summer, it was pushed back into the more vague 2022 release window.

Earlier this year, there were rumors of a third Resident Evil Revelations game, Resident Evil Revelations, but it’s unlikely that one of these announcements will be a whole new game.

At the very least, don’t expect the announcement of Resident Evil 9. There is also a reference to the remake of Resident Evil 4. This is because the development seems to have been restarted.

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Resident Evil 25th anniversary plans teased for Halloween

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