Resident Evil 3 rumored to be heading to Nintendo Switch via cloud version

The 2020 Resident Evil 3 remake could head for the Nintendo Switch in the near future, after references to the cloud version have been unearthed online.

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, members of the Resetera forum found multiple references on the website used for streaming, including artwork for the cloud version of Resident Evil 3. Control: Ultimate EditionCloud version to Switch and yesterday’s release following the surprise announcement of.

It’s not really the first time that a new biohazard game has made such a leap, with Resident Evil 7 releasing a cloud version exclusively for consoles in Japan in 2018, but Capcom has made such a leap. Has released such a version in the West for the first time. The fact that the artwork (which was subsequently removed) explicitly states “Resident Evil 3” instead of “Resident Evil: RE 3” also seems to indicate that this may be released more widely. is.

Neither Capcom nor Nintendo have confirmed or commented on rumors at the time of writing, so until then, take this news with healthy salt.Less than Control, Hitman 3 Next year, it will be released as a cloud version on Nintendo Switch. Resident Evil 3 Meanwhile, it’s currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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