Resident Evil 8 Story Spoilers and Ending Leak Online

Please be careful about spoilers (Photo: Capcom)

Hackers leaked screenshots from Resident Evil 8 online and cut the scene, but don’t worry, this story isn’t spoiled yet.

Last month, Capcom A serious ransomware attack and a responsible group have obtained a lot of confidential material about Capcom’s future plans.

Since then, the group has released these materials online for everyone to see. So far, this includes a release schedule and may offer unreleased games.

But today’s leaks are probably the most damaging, as they include cutscenes, boss battles, and even ending details for Resident Evil 8 (formally Resident Evil Village).

I won’t repeat the information here, but the leak also includes new characters and enemies, screenshots, and marketing plans. All of this seems to be from an early development build of the game.

The hacker group initially demanded a ransom from Capcom to return the stolen material, but the publisher refused to pay.

Anyone who wants to stay untouched will want to pay particular attention to online forums like Reddit and Reset Era, especially if Resident Evil 8 is the subject.

It has been pointed out that the leaked content may be from an older version of the game. Therefore, it may differ from the final product, but it is not certain and does not compromise the seriousness of the situation.

The story of Resident Evil Village is probably one of its most important features. The promotional material depicts the series’ regular Chris Redfield as a potential opponent.

The possibility of Chris’s villain is an important issue, and some fans theorize that it could actually be someone else using his name, not Chris.

Resident Evil Village will be released in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S.

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Resident Evil 8 story spoilers and ending leaked online

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