Resident Evil inventory system makes a great puzzle game

Marie Kondo excites and lifts the rocket launcher and green herbs in front of the Resident Evil 4 attache case.

This attache case evokes joy.
Photo: Capcom / Kotaku / Matt Winkelmeyer ((((Getty Images).

Resident Evil 4 As one of the most iconic survival horror games, it has endured the challenges of time.You can trust that praise to it Mysterious merchant, Ashley’s Banshee ScreamAlso Leon’s demonic attitudeProbably typical RE4 The experience is orderly Tetris-Make the collected weapons and equipment reliable Attache caseLimited grid-based limits.Thank you too RE4 Stock shuffle, someone has finally made a puzzle game for you.

Save Room-Organizational Puzzles, Developed by Fractal Projects, the puzzle game attempts to match health items, weapons, and occasionally eggs to a 40 space-limited puzzle grid of various layouts.

If you play with items while playing RE4, Regardless of its many re-releases, Leave a placeGameplay is mostly that, but it focuses on a gradually complex grid design that requires the item to rotate and snap into place.

Save Room Screenshots-The final level of an organizational puzzle full of guns, herbs and eggs for organizing into a grid layout.

Leon has a deep pocket, which is certain.
screenshot: Fractal project

Room storage Minimal puzzle romps get complicated around 20th level. More advanced injection RE4 An attache case mechanism that combines herbs and gunpowder to make health items and ammunition (which does not take up space) and throws food to organize them. Here, prior knowledge about which gunpowder combo creates which ammo, the amount of ammo each gun carries (to pack it in the gun to save significant grid space), and the game’s health mechanic. Will help.

For example, rotten food is a necessary delicacy to reduce health, as healing items cannot be used in perfect health. This allows you to consume the right combination of health items in the ideal order and recover both. Clean up items from your health and your queue.Certain ammo can also reload multiple guns as follows: Killer7 (Renamed to “Killer 6” here) Broken butterfly (Renamed to “Fixed Butterfly”).This led to a series of trial and error, and I dredged what was half forgotten. RE4 Knowledge of ammo capacity to help determine which weapon needs to be reloaded first.

in the meantime Save Room-Organizational Puzzles It could have been able to coast to that inspiring concept, it goes an extra mile in a soothing music loop Call to the heart REGreat vault Thick sound effects that satisfy moving items.Now you have Marie Kondo RE4Style items are a surprisingly relaxing experience and are worth the asking price of less than $ 2.My only wish is for the fractal project to create more levels so that these particular mental muscles can be further stretched before someone remasters. RE4 again.

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