Resident Evil Re: Verse Beta – Can the monster mayhem create an essential multiplayer mode? –

Yeah, it’s cool to launch a rocket launcher with Leon Kennedy, but have you ever tried to cut someone’s head off with a giant slice of Jack Baker? I have, and I’m here to tell you it’s so much fun.

Over the weekend, I actually experienced Resident Evil Re: Verse Beta. This is a free multiplayer-only game offered to those who have purchased Resident Evil Village.

It’s hard not to hurt these spin-off Resi games. Especially given Capcom’s track record away from the formulas that make major entries successful. Just by looking at things like Operation Raccoon City and Umbrella Corps, you can see why people are worried when a new Resident Evil is announced, as are these online multiplayer shootfests.

It is these swirling ideas that I have carefully stepped into the beta. As a fan of the Resident Evil series, it’s really cool to be able to play both the good and the bad as a favorite character, but as someone who played Capcom’s previous attempts, I was scared. It doesn’t have a lifetime, but I thought the resistance was good, but it will be replaced by Re: Verse in a year. In that case, we recommend a major upgrade.

For now, I don’t know if that is the case.

Re: Verse features 4-6 players, a 5-minute deathmatch, and everyone plays as a favorite character in the Resi universe. Unless you like the wharf … sorry, wharf fans, he hasn’t participated in it. Choose from Chris’Boulder Puncher’Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong and Hank. Each has its own abilities and statistics.

I’ve tried all the characters over and over, so I really felt what each character could do. I soon came to the conclusion that Hank was meta. Hank has an ability called active camouflage. This temporarily makes him transparent and silences his footsteps. That is, you can almost escape with what you want. Oh, it also makes his second ability assassination, a short-range stab attack that does a lot of damage, do more damage. Finally, Hank’s Passive gives more time under active camouflage if he is killed in an assassination while invisible. You can see that this quickly gets out of hand. In many of the games I played, the top three were always Hank, Hank, and (as you can imagine) Hank.

That doesn’t mean that other characters are worthless. I had a lot of fun using Claire Redfield. Claire Redfield is packed with her signature quickdraw army handguns, submachine guns, adrenaline shots for on-the-go healing, electric traps she can place, and the ability to get her a free reload. A pistol while dodging.

Sadly, Ada was the character I didn’t seem to click the most. She has a somersault kick that fans of the series will immediately recognize and the ability to throw a pipe bomb and tackle it upwards. Her main failure seems to be her secondary weapon, her credible crossbow. Unlike other characters armed with powerful shotguns or some automatic rifles, Ada’s crossbow feels very weak. It may seem like a one-shot kill, but I often find myself engaged, hit directly with a crossbow, and then shattered.

Around the map are scattered other weapons that provide serious firepower in the form of Resi’s signature monster destroyer. From weird spark shots to classic rocket launchers, there are many lies to improve your score.

Re: Don’t be afraid to die with Verse. By dying, you will be able to play as a nice villain in the series, but which monster you will be depends on the number of virus capsules you collect as a human. If you don’t collect anything, you can turn from RE7 to a mold, chase humans, swing your arms around tomorrow, and explode if needed. Collecting one capsule turns it into either Hunter Gamma or the good old Jack Baker. Everything can be seen through, but with two capsules, it becomes a big youth Nemesis or Super Tyrant.

Obviously, playing monsters is a lot of fun. In particular, Super Tyrant with dash strike ability is a catastrophic move that chases and rubs claws along the floor, ending with an upward blow.

The player with the highest score at the end of the match wins and kills to earn points. If you increase the number of kills in a row, you will get a streak bonus and you will get more points. You will be killed and the streak will end, but if you can take revenge on that player, you can get it back. Given the ability to quickly return as a monster, it fills the killing of the player with risks and rewards. As soon as I killed someone, I realized I was retreating before moving on to the guy behind them. I was often caught looking away from the player who killed me, but after a few seconds it was wiped out by Nemesis.

It gave the game a good flow, and because of the way the scoring system works, you always feel like you can get back from a bad score. I remember one of the games I was playing badly, but I just killed the streak leader who killed 6 times and got a big bonus by taking out the best player and shooting to 2nd place. did.

Sadly, RPD was the only map available in beta. This was ok, I want to see more. In the horror offered by the pop-art style trailer, RPD seemed very close to a RE2 remake. This is a welcome remedy. Hopefully there are more arena options for the actual release as the graphics concerns have eased.

Being in beta, nothing else has been done to get an idea of ​​the overall progress of the game. I didn’t know if I got XP, unlocked the rewards, or something, so I once again questioned longevity. You want to feel that your investment in time should finally get you some reward. That said, how much can we really complain about because it’s being marketed as a free add-on?

Since I’m buying RE Village for spooky stories, spooky castles, and tall vampire ladies, is it really a bonus to get Re: Verse? Re: It will be clear over time whether Verse is a good investment for Capcom’s efforts, but so far there are no juries.


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