Resident Evil Revelations 3 may be released in the fourth quarter of 2021!

According to a survival horror game insider, Dusk Golem, who recently answered a fan’s question on Twitter, is third. Apocalypse A game that is frustrating to follow in the long run and sometimes Resident Evil The franchise will be released in late 2021. Therefore, obviously Code: Veronica Or Outbreak Remakes are happening Well, given the number of fanboys requesting those titles, it’s a bit sad.

I personally really enjoy it Apocalypse The game is set during the main game and delves into the overall arc. For example, the first game portrayed Chris and Jill on a mission on the high seas in the early days of the BSAA Foundation. Resident Evil 5.. But to me Apocalypse 2 It was even better as Claire Redfield returned as a playable character 15 years later (even better) Chronicle Game) And Barry Burton was playable for the first time outside of that terrible non-Canon game, Side Story.. The gameplay itself was a lot of fun, and Alex Wesker is certainly one of the more memorable, newer villains.She may come back next year Resident Evil Village..

I don’t have any information, but I hope the characters that I haven’t seen in years are finally back. What happened to people of the past like Billy Cohen, after he left Rebeka in the woods? Or what about Sheva and Josh? Another character is Carlos, or what about Hank? Uh? They’ve been annoying fans like me for years, so they really shouldn’t miss the opportunity to bring these characters back. Sometimes I think Capcom cares. Uh? This needs to be changed. ;)

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