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The internet is already obsessed with the towering Lady Dimitresque in Resident Evil Village, but she’s just one of the four main lords who serve Mother Miranda in the game. Today, IGN can exclusively publish a complete list of these malicious boss characters and information about the horrifying places they live in. After playing the main game for 5 hours, I was still in Dimitresk Castle, but the game map – what I revealed last week shows that this is just one area of ​​a much larger game. Not only is each area unique from a visual point of view, it also comes with different enemy types, gameplay mechanics, and boss battles. A village somewhere in Eastern Europe is dominated by a person known as Mother Miranda. She comes across as a kind of cult leader, and villagers can be seen worshiping her like a god.

Resident Evil Village: Evolution of Lady Dimitresque and her daughters

In the previous video, you can see Lady Dimitresque talking on the phone with Mother Miranda. From their conversation, it becomes clear that even the giant that everyone likes is a servant of Mother Miranda. Mother Miranda has four main servants in different parts of the village. It is known as the four lords. The four lords act as the main villains of the game. “The village creatures and characters were inspired by the classic Gothic horror. Lady Dimitresk was inspired by vampires, while the other characters were based on werewolves, mermen, and ghosts.” Tomonori Takano, the village art director, explains.Portrait of Miranda's mother and four lords found in a church in the village.

Portrait of Miranda’s mother and four lords found in a church in the village.

Caption: Portrait of Miranda’s mother and four Lords found in a church in the village.

Mrs. Dimitresk and her castle have already been introduced in detail, so let’s take a look at what other lords and their hideouts look like in this exclusive release.

Karl Heisenberg and Heisenberg factories

Karl Heisenberg can be seen in multiple trailers. He is an engineer who lives in a family factory. Heisenberg holds a giant iron hammer in one hand and a cigar casually in the other. Heisenberg’s design, with sunglasses, a hat and a leather jacket, seems quite extravagant for someone in a remote Eastern European village. Takano says his appearance, like Lady Dimitresk, was inspired by the fashion of the 1960s.Karl Heisenberg

Karl Heisenberg

Turning the act of killing into a game, the Heisenberg torture session at the beginning of the game shows a good example of what this character can do. I barely survived his game in my field, so just thinking about what’s waiting at the Heisenberg factory makes me tremble.

Compared to the rest of the village, the factory appears to be in sync with the times and modern equipment is available. Another aspect that differentiates factories is the fact that they are not covered in snow. The factory is at the northeastern edge of the map, probably at a lower altitude.Heisenberg factory

Heisenberg factory

Salvatore Morrow and Morrow Reservoir

The design of Salvatore Morrow was inspired by the Gothic horror merman. Compared to other humanoid lords, Morrow looks like your typical Resident Evil creature. Morrow hides most of his appearance with a long robe. While I was playing the game, the character appeared temporarily, and I got into a scene where the main character, Ethan, was at the mercy of the four main characters. “We designed Morrow with the concept of creating the most repulsive characters on the planet,” says Takano.Salvatore Morrow

Salvatore Morrow

Morrow lives near a reservoir near an outdated fishing village. There are two windmills near the game map, one shown in the image above. The windmill has a ladder, suggesting that the player may be able to climb all the time.

The game map also shows an illustration of a giant whale-like monster in the reservoir. This is also easy to find in the latest trailers. Takano states that the lake he saw when traveling to Eastern Europe for research was frozen, but the team eventually frozen the lake because it was difficult for local creatures to survive in such situations. Refused to be included in the game.Morrow Reservoir

Morrow Reservoir

Donna Benevient and House Benevient

Donna Beneviento operates a doll called Angie. All of Donna’s face-covering black mourning remains a mystery. Another question that remains is how long Angie is alive. Director Morimasa Sato says that when he introduced the game to a Capcom colleague in the United States, many were surprised that the duo felt the most horrifying of all the Lords.Donna Benevent

Donna Benevent

“In America, people’s reaction to dolls was pretty strong,” says Sato. “Of course, this made me happy, but as a Japanese, it surprised me that they thought the dolls were so scary.”

Takano says that in Angie’s design, the team wanted something that wasn’t purely scary and wanted to have an immediate impact, but I’m also happy that the reaction was this way. .. Donna and Angie live in Haus Benevient, on the outskirts of the village. No visitors come. Sato hinted that House Benevent is, in many respects, an evolution of the horror element used in Resident Evil 7. And you don’t have to wait long to see what the connection will be.House Benevient

House Benevient

Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7th. Be sure to check out the detailed preview of the first 5 hours of the game. If you are interested in the final generation version, please watch the gameplay video of PS4 Pro. If you can’t wait for Lady Dimitrescu to shed blood, don’t miss the towering villain feature. Also check out the game map and the release of Mother Miranda Art. As part of IGN First, we look forward to more exclusive Resident Evil Village content during April.

Esra Krabbe I’m the editor of IGN Japan. He is confident that the four Lords will give him many sleepless nights.


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