Resident Evil Village Review-I’m Lycan This Direction

Resident Evil Village is a great horror game and a powerful next step in the Resident Evil franchise. There are some drags, but overall, Village is a concise and horrifying experience that draws you in and refuses to let go. If you like real horror and wonderfully cheesy weirdness, you don’t have to look for anything more than Village.

Resident Evil Village
Developer: Capcom
Price: $ 60
Platforms: PS5 (reviewed), PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC
MonsterVine was provided with a PS5 code for review.

I love almost everything Resident Evil, From main game to spin-off, character appearance Marvel vs. Capcom..I especially enjoyed that direction Resident Evil 7 I started to enter, so I was excited to see how to see it. village Built on Resident EvilFirst-person horror shot.Thankfully village Take what worked from Resident Evil 7 And it mixes more absurdities that make it even better and make the series very memorable.

To village, You play as Ethan Winters again, but this time he has a lot of personality.A few years after the event Resident EvilEthan and his wife Mia moved to Europe and had a child named Rose in an attempt to leave behind the horrific events that took place in Louisiana. Things fail very quickly when Chris Redfield appears to betray Ethan and Rose is kidnapped and taken to an ominous village full of lycans and other scary creatures. Ethan must try to save his child while fighting the malicious Mother Miranda and her four freaky “children”. Yes, one of those kids is a tall vampire woman, but she’s only about the first third of the main villains.

The scope of the story was really fun because I felt it was personal to Ethan, despite its large size. Resident Evil.. You can feel Ethan’s desperation to save Rose through the game, which makes him feel more familiar than before. I can’t see his face yet, but this time I feel like a developed person, not like an avatar. You learn a lot about Ethan about both of his games and lead to an emotionally satisfying ending that leaves a lot of room for future titles.

“”This is one of the scariest sections I’ve experienced in the game and I loved every freaky second of it.“”

As interesting as Ethan participating in this game, the villain is the most fascinating part of the story. Mother Miranda and her children were fascinating and I was excited to find additional documentation throughout the game that extended their biology and motivation. Lady Dimitrescu is probably the most developed and makes the castle section the best part of the game. She has an eerie charisma and, of course, is sweeping the internet, which strangely made me enjoy being chased by her.

That doesn’t mean that others can’t say they’re great on their own.Heisenberg in particular felt like the pinnacle of madness Resident Evil Thanks also to Neil Newbon’s mania delivery. He jumps between intimidating and really entertaining with a dime that I love to see as a villain.I was also impressed with the method village Towards the end I tied myself to the rest of the series. It’s not terrible, but it’s still based on the series in a unique way.

village Playing for its consistently satisfying gunplay and its fun puzzles is explosive. Each gun has a different sensation of firing, which is still amplified by the amazing DualSense controller. Larger guns make it harder to pull triggers and require extra effort to shoot and reload weapons such as shotguns and sniper rifles. It’s a great touch that greatly helps to make the gun more versatile. You’ll find that shooting enemies is very tense, as reloads take just enough time to scare you, as a swarm of lycans is near you. I like to be able to stumble enemies and drop weapons depending on where I shoot, as I can shoot strategically when they flock to them.

There is also a great gameplay loop that comes with it villageMerchant, Duke. Defeat enemies and find treasures (including some optional treasures that are fun to find for yourself) to get items that you can sell to Ray. You can use Lei to buy new weapons, upgrade your current weapon stats, and buy changes for each gun. You can also hunt animals and take them to the Duke. The Duke uses it to cook and permanently increase statistics. After finding new treasures, I always went back to Duke and found a way to improve my weapons. The improvements are noticeable and very useful.The Duke is a merchant Resident Evil 4, This shows that the staff knew that this was a good carry-over feature.There is also a similar type of item management village, It’s as strangely fun as it was Resident Evil 4..

“”The environment is as creepy, barren and memorable as possible, but the effects of blood are real enough to flinch when injured.“”

What I want to point out is how scary it is village can.Overall, I don’t think it’s that scary Resident Evil It was, but certain segments are even scarier than the peak of the previous game. Especially in the dollhouse segment, purely by taking advantage of the atmosphere, I’ve been at the edge of my seat all the time, and at the end there was a really scary monster. This is one of the scariest sections I’ve experienced in the game and I loved every freaky second of it.

Has some weak sections village, Mainly the first hour and more action-based hub segments. It’s a bit undirected at first, but it feels slow and uneven, rather than the fun and exploratory way of a castle segment. In the case of the base, the section towards the end of the game is well documented, so I say the game works well for the most part, but all ammo against seemingly infinite hordes of lycans in a closed space. It’s not particularly fun to use.Other than these two sections, I enjoyed the whole 10 hours villageIt’s a campaign, so I can’t complain too much.

Outside the story, there is an addictive mercenary mode village.. You will be given pistols, ammunition, and some money and will leave it to your own equipment. You can buy additional weapons and modify your pistol to fight the waves of enemies. If you try to kill your enemies and head for the exit before you run out of time, you’ll find useful abilities and time limit extenders across each map. There are many maps that can be unlocked by earning A rank, as well as weapons and bonuses that will make past stages even more enjoyable. It’s a very fun mode that adds a lot of playtime to the game, so it’s nice to have it included.

village Looks gorgeous. In short, vulgar disgust looks surprisingly real. From Ethan’s bloody hands to Morrow’s terrifying look, everything looks incredible. This slowly increases tension throughout the game. The environment is as creepy, barren and memorable as possible, but the effects of blood are real enough to flinch when injured. The sound is also great, especially most of the voice performances are outstanding, which is very helpful in giving the character a realistic presence. Moreover, the theme of the storage room is, as always, great this time.

The last word
Resident Evil Village is a great horror game that balances some impressive and horrifying scenarios with intense action. The story has some weaknesses, but most of the time it’s an immersive and horrifying game played right by the Resident Evil series. If you’re looking for a fun and creepy game to play this month, this is one.

MonsterVine Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars – great

Resident Evil Village Review – I’m Lycan This Direction

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