Resident Evil Village seems to be able to run on a PC without a graphics card

According to PC Gamer, PC players building new rigs within their budget do not necessarily need a dedicated graphics card to run Resident Evil Village.

The game is fully optimized to shrink to make up for weaker hardware. However, there is one caveat. Players should reduce the resolution of Resident Evil Village to at least 1080p. PC Gamer states that 720p gives much better performance results.

If you reduce the game resolution to 1080p on AMD’s Ryzen 5 3400G CPU or GPU, the average frame rate is 34 and the minimum is 27. However, at 720p, performance stabilizes at 54fps, with a minimum of 43fps.

Resident Evil Village isn’t a fast-paced, combat-intensive experience like Call of Duty, but PC Gamer reports that it slows down during intense sequences. Choosing the Prioritize Performance preset over Balanced will make your gameplay smoother.

As PC Gamer points out, the 3400G shares system memory with the graphics core. In short, Resident Evil Village “simply tends to freeze.” Crtl + Alt + Del should alleviate performance issues that players may encounter.

Resident Evil Village will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S on May 7th. In a review of Resident Evil Village, “Resident Evil Village is evolving. It feels very different from its predecessor, but the idea is to make something just as attractive.”

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