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Resilient Power wants to revolutionize EV charging

Resilient Power has announced a $ 5 million seed round investment to build alternative power options for its electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Led round Energy conversion ventureWith an investment from Amazon Climate Pledge Fund When GS futuresKorea’s GS Group Corporate Venture Capital Division, is the first round from outside investors. The company had previously received $ 3 million in funding through contracts and grants from the US Department of Energy, the Savannah River National Institute, and the National Renewable Energy Institute.

“The future of clean energy will bring about major changes in the way electricity is distributed and stored. As we are talking, our power grid is undergoing a major transformation. Transportation is shifting to electricity. As we grow, we need to consider ways to deploy charging stations on a large scale without jeopardizing the grid, “said Tom Keister, CEO of. Elastic powerSaid in a statement. “The partnership with the Amazon Climate Pledge Fund enables our customers to build the infrastructure they need to support and accelerate EV adoption and then extend the technology to other renewable energy, storage and microgrid markets. . “

Some observers say that as more passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturers deploy electric vehicles, the country’s outdated power grid will not be able to provide the power needed to charge them without major upgrades. Raised concern.If all Americans drive an electric car, it’s Requires 25% more power Than needed today.

Today, the ability to charge multiple vehicles in one location alone requires an upgrade for most of the infrastructure in that location. That’s what the resilience is trying to solve.

Atlanta-based energy companies are bringing fast charging technology for solid-state transformer-based electric vehicles to the market. Unlike today’s charging systems, Resilient’s system combines traditional step-down transformers, chargers, power management, and bidirectional inverters into a single flexible, highly efficient power router.

According to the company, the system will be installed in one-tenth the time, providing solar and storage, vehicle-to-grid, and microgrid functionality in a single unit. However, it does not require storage like other systems, so you can charge any number of vehicles with no time limit. Resilient supports battery storage options for peak demand management or microgrid operation.

The company says solid-state transformers can connect directly to up to 24 vehicles and connect to DC or AC power supplies on medium voltage lines on existing grids. He also explained that a single unit can be connected directly to a fictitious or underground power line.

Its bulk charging feature is attractive to companies like Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Deploy an electric libian van..

Kalahurst, Amazon’s Vice President and Head of Global Sustainability, said: “By 2030, we plan to deploy 100,000 electric vehicles on the road, which is projected to save millions of tonnes of carbon annually. Resilient Power will deliver packages to its customers. We are building products that accelerate the deployment of EV charging systems in place, and that technology could help strengthen the infrastructure that supports vehicles and drivers. “

Resilient said it will use the new funds to conduct EV charging pilots with large fleet owners and expand sales and marketing activities to commercialize the product.

“EV fast charging happens to be the first great product of this technology in a market that grows fast and needs the size, cost, and power benefits it brings. But the real promise is the same technology. Not only is it used to charge the battery, but it is also to natively enable charging and storage, microgrids, elasticity, and inter-vehicle grids in the same product, “said Energy partner and co-founder Neal Dikeman. Says. Transition Ventures said. “Our grid is more than 100 years old. We’ll rewrite it. We’re pleased that the Amazon Climate Pledge Fund and the Resident Power Team are working towards a grid revolution.”

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Resilient Power wants to revolutionize EV charging Resilient Power wants to revolutionize EV charging

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