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This is a familiar sight. Nick Morens is attacked by unblocked Chansey Gardner Johnson. (Photo by Chris Greisen / Getty Images.

Stacking quarterbacks after losing is always fun (and easy), but I’m sure they are a lot of people doing it. So I would like to move in another direction.

Following the sound of Saints ringing on the 49ers Sunday, the team gets some R & R. In goodbye week, they have time to recover, take a break and commit again to the season.

And hopefully do something about the offensive line for God. Everyone understands that this is a patchwork group, losing two starting centers instead of one, and putting players in and out all year round.

But take some numbers out of the Saints game (according to the Pro-Football Reference). The Nainers gave up nine tackles, nine quarterback hits, two sack, quarterback pressure leading to interception, and fourth and first failures.

Alternatively, Nick Morens hits five times, is fired once, throws intercepts under heavy pressure, and returns to the Green Bay game where he gave up fumble on a stripsack.

And we’re building points, so stay here with us. It all goes back to this little three-game, the Seattle game that started the 0-3 misery march. The game tells a lot about where the 49ers are now and where they might end up.

A little background. .. .. Seattle was one of the NFL’s least effective pass defenses. The main reason was the lack of pass rush.

And, as you recall, the 49ers started relatively well. The defense made some stops and the attack wasn’t immediately exploited, but it looked like a pretty close game. With about two minutes remaining, the Seahawks led 13-7 and Jimmy Garoppolo was 84 yards and 9-14 with a passcut.

According to athletic David Lombardi, Garoppolo returned to seven passes and Seattle attacked six of them from that point until the ankle injury recurred in the third quarter. Garoppolo was fired once and Lombardi calculates play occupying -18 yards.

That was the game that set the pattern. Knowing that Pass Rush wasn’t working, Seattle started a blitzkrieg and won a gold medal. They had three sack — two by Bobby Wagner, one untouched and raised in the middle — according to eight QB hits and ESPN stats, 17 out of 45 dropbacks “pressured” quarterbacks. I will call you. ” He was under pressure, more than one-third (37.8%) of San Francisco’s retreats.

The other teams watched the video and received the message because they are not dummies – putting pressure on the 49ers. Kyle Shanahan knew what would happen after the Seattle match.

“When you don’t let them pay for the electric shock, everyone will bring it,” he said.

And the 49ers aren’t just letting them pay. They are giving out free tickets. Watching the tapes of the New Orleans match, I had to bite to see Chaunsey Gardner-Johnson arriving at Mullens in a safe blitzkrieg for the second time in a row.

No one explained CGJ as he fired Malins in one play and then rode on Malins’ face to force imperfections.

At this point, the total pressure is not surprising. According to the Pro-Football Reference, Morens and Garoppolo have averaged over eight blitzkrieg battles. According to statistics, it was a hit when it passed 46 times.

It has to make a sacrifice. And if you need some numbers, interception is always a by-product of successful pressure. The Forty-niners threw 11 picks, third most with New England, behind the Eagles (12) and Broncos.

It doesn’t have to be said, but good teams throw less intercepts. And, of course, there is a correlation between a good team and giving up less bags. The Steelers have surrendered only 10 bags, 11 Packers and 13 Saints.

And to clarify. This is not a matter of “hanging there” or getting the path right away. OK, there are times when they can get it off faster, but there’s a lot of time Rasher is in QB before he gets a chance. And the old game is like a blindside head snapshot from a full tilt defender.

When those hits say “at the expense”, it’s not a clash or a bruise. Morens penalized passers-by twice for rough penalties, one for direct contact. What happened to the NFL targeting implementation? The disqualification is still in the rulebook. Why not be forced?

And don’t throw the shade, but if they had the opportunity to put out a quarterback, the saints almost seemed okay with a 15-yard penalty. The saints were asked for five penalties in the game. Two are illegal shots in quarterbacks, and the other is contact between helmets with their heads bowed at Kendrick Bone.

You know they are saints-you are teaching it or allowing it.

Besides, you don’t have to break the rules. You can get to the 49ers quarterback in the old-fashioned way. Just bring the heat.

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Rest, heal, fix attack lines for God Rest, heal, fix attack lines for God

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