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Deshon Gibson was resting comfortably with his left arm amputated after undergoing surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. (GP)

Deshon Gibson, a 14-year-old boy with rare fibromatosis, had his left arm amputated.

His mother, Sharon Gibson, said doctors had taken Deshon to surgery the day after arriving at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami last month.

“Dession had to undergo surgery, amputate his hands, and remove the tumor from the four ribs, the tumor from the chest, and part of the neck, and he had to undergo plastic surgery to reconstruct the left. There was. Side, “she explained.

She said he went to surgery again on December 22nd.

“He completed the surgery very well and is now recovering. Doctors were alert, talking on the phone and watching TV when he was taken to the recovery area one hour after the surgery.

Desmond left Barbados on December 19th with Gibson and his father Desmond Miles. A month after the newspaper highlighted his condition, he had been working for six years, and a large tumor had grown on his arm.

He has been unable to attend the Error Three School, where he is a student, for the past three years.

While satisfied that Deshon had finally had surgery, the mother supported Barbadian with his fund because “you have to get radiation therapy in 6-9 weeks, which costs extra.” He said he had a long way to go because he appealed to continue. ..

She said he had to change all his medications and chemotherapy medications.

“We still need the money to support all these changes. To Barbados and all the people abroad, to contribute to the journey of Deshon in every way for kindness, generosity, and prayer. I would like to thank you for giving me.

“We, Deshon Gibson’s parents and family, are very grateful to them, but Deshon’s journey has just begun, so please continue,” she pleaded.

Individuals interested in donating can donate at the Deshon Gibson Fund, Republic Bank, Broad Street, and account number 023038951001. (MB)

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Restoring condition after amputation of left arm – NationNews Barbados — Restoring condition after amputation of left arm – NationNews Barbados —

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