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Brandon Figueroa TKO-7 Luis Nery

Tonight’s showtime main event is largely in line with Carson, CA standards, with title owners before Figueroa finally records a stop to win the WBC and WBA “normal” world titles. A fast-paced action fight took place between Luis Nery and Brandon Figueroa. Nelly actually got off to a quick start in this fight, finding his range early and often facilitated by his fighting style, where Figueroa prefers to approach and fly.

In the first half of the battle, Nelly mainly dominated the battle, but in the seventh round, Nelly began to struggle to maintain the pace of the battle, and Figueroa landed a properly placed left hand during the exchange. So the situation changed dramatically: a body that can’t beat Nelly and beat 10 counts.

BLH raised Nelly 58-56 on the scorecard during the split stop of the three official judges, but that wasn’t a problem as Figueroa recorded the stop at the 2:18 mark in Round 7.

With the victory, Figueroa (22-0-1, 17 KO) set the stage for a unified battle with fellow champion Stephen Fulton. The pair has been brewing war or words for some time, and will eventually come to solve things in the ring. Nery (31-1, 24 KO) must return to the blueprint.

Danny Roman UD-10 Ricardo Espinoza

In tonight’s co-star, super bantamweight Danny Roman (29-3-1, 10 KO) fought an action-packed battle with Ricardo Espinoza (25-4, 21 KO), who apparently didn’t retreat. .. Espinoza started the fight at a ferocious pace and actually caused some trouble for Rome in the early rounds, but as the fight in Rome progressed, his timing slowed down and more accurate countershots. I started to pull them apart.

Upon getting off the stretch, Roman began to find rhythm in the left uppercut, really starting to bust up Espinoza’s face, further impressing the judges. At the end of the 10 rounds of action, the three official judges submitted scores of 97-93, 98-92, and 98-92. BLH also recorded a 98-92 battle for Rome.

In a post-match interview, Roman said he was ready for another world title opportunity and said he wanted a chance to fight the winner of Nelly Figueroa.

Xavier Martinez UD-10 Juan Carlos Burgos

At the showtime opener, junior lightweight Xavier Martinez (17-0, 11 KO) and Juan Carlos Burgos (34-5-2, 21 KO) tuned the night and delayed 10 full-round actions. I did. Burgos began the fight aggressively and stalked Martinez, but eventually became more susceptible to Martinez’s sharp counter punches. As the battle progressed, it became clear that Burgos was playing the game entirely for the war, but could not consistently catch up with Martinez’s accuracy.

It should be noted that when it was all said and done, all three official judges gave the same score of 99-91 for Martinez, but the fans in attendance booed the decision. (Probably more because it was wider than some people) I was expecting). BLH recorded a 98-92 battle in support of Martinez.

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Results and Highlights: Brandon Figueroa Stops Luis Nery at Showtime Results and Highlights: Brandon Figueroa Stops Luis Nery at Showtime

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