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The first WNO Championship was held this weekend at Flo Grappling. At the first event of this kind, five no-gi categories participated and each winner was awarded a prize of $ 30,000. A 15-minute round, a $ 1,000 submission bonus, and a wrestling back that allows the losing player to compete for the third set of WNOs separately from other Super Fight shows. From havoc to catastrophic submissions, the WNO Championship had something to offer to all fighting fans. Below are the results of the event and the main points.

Men’s Heavyweight -Time Spriggs

Women’s Heavyweight-Rafa Elagedes

Men’s £ 185-Tye Ruotolo

Women’s £ 115-Meissa Bustos

Men’s £ 155-Kade Ruotolo

Early upset sets the tone of the event

Gabi Garcia, Mikey Musmech and Roberto Jimenez were all considered one of the favorites of their respective divisions leading to the tournament, but all three fell in the first round. Many considered the turmoil of the event, and Amanda Reeve took Gavigarcia out in the women’s heavyweight opening round. Amanda, who devotes her time to mixed martial arts and professional martial arts, was able to regain Gabi’s back many times, securing a nearly unanimous decision victory and ending the match with a rear-naked choke. With the 155-pound bracket for men, many considered Mikey Musmechi a favorite. In the first round, he met Gabriel Sousa of the ZR team, who finished second in the 2021 Pan Ams. Gabriel got the game in shape early on and combined his guard pass attempts into a north-south pin. From there, Gabriel was able to get caught in the north-south chalk that Mikey was forced to submit.

The confusion in the third opening round is due to Jacob Couch, a Pedigo Submission Fighting product. Heelhook specialist Couch confronted second-placed Roberto Jimenez. Despite the very late replacement, Couch entered Roberto’s leg early and finished with a heel hook within two minutes.

Tim Spriggs takes revenge and returns to competition

Before joining the WNO Championship, many thought that Tim Spriggs ended up in a jujutsu competition. He was defeated by Nicholas Melegari, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu and Victor Hugo. During the pandemic, he began working on other business ventures, and Spriggs seemed ready to prioritize these projects over competition. In the first round, Spriggs confronted Assembly Jiu-Jitsu’s Haisam Rida, submitted him with an inner heel hook, and added new wrinkles to the submitted game. In the semi-finals, Spriggs won a unanimous decision over gambler Jiu-Jitsu Tex Johnson. One on the other side of the Spriggs mat in the final was Kaynan Duarte, who took part in the tournament as a favorite while riding a 12-fight streak. The match began with some takedown exchanges before Keinan chose to play the bottom and pull the guard. While Caynan was scrambling to wipe out Spriggs, Spriggs was able to set leg entanglements and outer heel hooks, forcing him to submit.

Brothers Ruotolo win £ 185 and £ 155 titles

Atos Jiu-Jitsu’s Tye Ruotolo and Fight Sports’ Mica Galvao, 18 and 17, respectively, made it to the finals of the WNO Championship in the £ 185 category. Thailand submitted Johnny Tama in the quarter with a dozen chokes and Dante Leon in the semi with a guillotine. Mica unanimously defeated William Tuckett in the quarter and submitted a late exchange Jacob Couch with an arm bar in the semifinals.

One of the most anticipated matches throughout the event, Thailand and Mica spent most of the finals feeling each other. Mica used flexibility to maintain the guard, and Tie tried to put pressure forward to let her dexterous foot pass. In the end, the theme of the match remained the same, and Tye Ruotolo brought back $ 30,000 with a split-decision victory.

Tye’s twin brother Kade also performed brilliantly in the WNO Championship. Kade submitted Diego Oliveira in the quarter-finals and proceeded to the finals as his opponent Josh Cisneros was injured in the semi-finals and could not continue. Cade’s opponent in the final was Gabriel Sousa. Gabriel submitted Mikey’s Smech in the opening round and then won a close split decision against 16-year-old Blue Belt Cole Abate in the semi-finals.

In the final, Cade started the match with multiple takedowns. He eventually forced Gabriel Sousa into the turtle position and then locked another D’Arce choke with a $ 30k and another $ 1,000 submission bonus.

Rafa Elagedes and Meisa Bastos Cruise Up to $ 30,000

Rafaelagedes was ranked 4th in the Pound for Pound Female Grappler heading for the WNO Championship. She defeated Elizabeth Clay in the quarter and Amanda Reeve in the semi by a unanimous decision. Her opponent in the final was Kendall Reuse of Graciebach, who defeated Erin Harp and Anna Carolina Vieira on their way to the final. Neither player has so far won a submission in the tournament, but Rafaela was able to take advantage of the opening during the near guard pass with a guillotine choke finishing from the mount.

In the £ 115 women category, Meissa Bastos sought to maintain her number one position in the stack category. She unanimously defeated Alex Nguyen and Tamimusmechi using flexible and active guards in the semi-finals and semi-finals. 10 Grace Gun DrumsNS Planet Jiu-Jitsu defeated Daniel Kelly in the quarter-finals with a unanimous decision and won a twister submission against Jessacan in the semi-finals. This is the first twister submission in WNO history.

In the final, Grace tried to overtake Meissa’s guards early. Mayssa used a guard to avoid Grace’s attack before winning the sweep. Once in the top position, Meissa secured a guard pass and mount. From there, she trapped her head and arms tightly until she ran out of time.

Look for more WNO actions on October 20thNS, Beatrice Mezquita takes over Luisa Monteiro, and Fion Davis plays Natalie Ribeiro.

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Results and video: WNO Championship causes havoc, Ruotolo brothers both win belts Results and video: WNO Championship causes havoc, Ruotolo brothers both win belts

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