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Results of AMC Fight Night 101: Primorsky Krai Governor’s Cup can be found here MMA Sucka.. AMC Fight Night Global is owned by Russia MMA An organization established 11 years ago. To celebrate Victory Day, they will host a series of battles from the Fetsov Arena in Vladivostok, Russia. According to their website, the event AMC Fight Nights 101 will air on Friday, May 7, 2021 at 4 pm London time / 6 pm Moscow time / 8 am PST / 11 am EST. Fight Night Global Events are typically broadcast on Match TV and Fight Network.

AMC Fight Night 101

AMC Fight Night 101 needs to host eight MMA matches, Alexander Shremenko (60-13) vs. Marcio Santos (16-5). “storm” Alexander Shremenko Return to MMA after 2019 victory over former UFC fighter David brunch..Russian-born Shlemenko is the middleweight champion of Shlemenko and M-1, and he Bodog, ShoXC, Jungle Fight, and many others in his 17-year MMA career. During his 73-fighting career, Shlemenko has fought the following celebrities: Melvin Manhoef, Kendall Grove, Tito Ortiz, Hector Lombard, Jose Randy Johns, Jacare Souza, And many others. His opponent, Brazilian-born “Pedra” Marcio Santos, fought for a submission victory in the Eagle Fighting Championship just a month ago.The victory of this submission makes it 11 in total For the Brazilian, who accounts for 70% of his victory. Santos aims to continue winning streak and add another submission at AMC Fight Nights 101.

Two Russian-born middleweights will be featured at the evening’s joint main event Gennaji Kovalev (18-7) Showdown Vyacheslav Babkin (8-3). Both Kovalev and Babkin have won and are aiming to continue their winning streak.Kovalev overcame the TKO’s first round outage in just a few weeks on April 20 Boyan..

In addition, it is introduced in this card Alexander Kemaev (0-0-1) is trying to win against fellow Russians Ruslan Yarochkin (1-0).Welter weight Mikhail Droschenko (6-1-1), meet Russian Armenians David Kachatrian (25-5). Also, Sergei Resnikov (4-0) seems to remain undefeated against the surge Alexei Schulkevic (9-4).The kick-off of the main card will be a featherweight showdown Konstantin Killef Against (10-10) Alexander Osetrov (6-2-1).

Results of AMC Fight Night 101

Alexander Shremenko def. Marcio Santos Through a unanimous decision
Vyacheslav Babkin
def. Gennaji Kovalev Via TKO (Strike) in Round 2
Alexander Kemaev def. Ruslan Yarochkin Via TKO (Strike) in Round 1
Mikhail Droschenko
def. David Kachatrian Via TKO (Strike) in Round 2
Alexander Osetrov def. Konstantin Killef Via TKO (Strike) in Round 1
Dennis Archireev
def. Dennis Podininogin Via TKO (corner stop) in Round 3
Magomedshapi Gasayniev
def. Sergey Kuznetsov Through a unanimous decision
Magellam Gasanzad
def. Yuri Alexandrov Via TKO (Strike) in Round 1

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Results of AMC Fight Night 101 Results of AMC Fight Night 101

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