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On Saturday, January 30, 2021, KSW will host KWS58, the first event of the new year live from Lodz, Poland.You can order and view that pay-per-view event FITE TV The following is from 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

The main event of the night is the KSW Featherweight Championship, as champion Saladin Parnas will face the rising star Daniel Alejandro. Undefeated and valuable champion Parnas seeks to maintain his control as a top featherweight dog. With his impressive performance at a previous KSW event, Torres is a candidate for a game variety trying to defeat the rule of the Parnas Championship.

At KSW 58’s joint main main event, Olympic gold medalist Simon Koretsuki Martin “King Kong” Zawada.. Martin Zawada, a longtime veteran of mixed martial arts, defeated UFC veteran Thiago Silvia in his last appearance at KSW. His opponent, Kolekki, dominated his run in the heavyweight division, and his last two victories were secured by TKO.

The rest of the KWS58 fight should not be overlooked. UFC veteran Guto Incocente returns to MMA action with his KSW debut to face Michal Andryszak. Titan FC champion Uros Julisic will face Shamilmu Asef. Always exciting, Michael Michalski fights Croatia’s Alexander Lakas and three other must-see confrontations you don’t want to miss!

Results below KSW 58:

Main event
KSW featherweight title
Saladin Parnas vs. Daniel Alejandro

Joint main event
Light heavyweight
Szymon Kołecki vs. Martin Zawada

Welter weight
Mika Michalski vs Alexander Lakas

Welter weight
Shamil Musaev vs Uroš Jurišić

Mikau Andrisak vs. Gut Innocente

Paweł Polityło vs. David Martinik

150 lbs catchweight
Robert Ruchawa vs Daniel Bazant

Bartłomiej Kopera vs Francisco Barrio

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Results of KSW58-Parnas vs Torres Results of KSW58-Parnas vs Torres

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