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It’s Tuesday night. This means a new episode of WWE NXT 2.0 on November 30th. Ringside News features live broadcast results. NXT starts at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time. Match-by-match highlights and show results are exactly on this page. Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Tonight’s NXT is a WarGames PPV go-home show. Therefore, two advantage ladder matches are planned, one for men and one for women. These matches determine which team will have an advantage in each WarGames match, but at this point we only know who will be in the women’s match: Kaley Ray vs. Dakota Kai. On the other hand, in men’s games, any number of interesting matches can be thrown out.

Elsewhere else tonight, Joe Gacy invites us all to his “comprehensive invitation.” I don’t know what that means, but Gacy will face Roderick Strong in the Cruiserweight Championship on Sunday, so there’s no doubt that sparks will fly here. Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner will then face Legard del Fantasma, and the winning team will receive the NXT Tag Team title shot. There are certainly more tonight’s episodes, but this is what we know in advance.

Here is a preview of NXT tonight. The live broadcast will start here at 8 pm. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it, and don’t forget to press the refresh link below and enjoy the show!

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November 30, 2021 19:00

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Results of WWEN XT 2.0 on November 30, 2021 Results of WWEN XT 2.0 on November 30, 2021

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