Retail List Reveals Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021 for Nintendo Switch

Doraemon Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021A new video game based on the next movie of the same name, will be released on Switch in Japan next year, retail lists say.

The title, which will be released in March next year, is a party game featuring the movie remake scene of Doraemon Nobita’s Little Star Wars, which was released in Japan in March 2021. The explanation of the title is on Rakuten’s product list (Thank you, Gematsu):

A Doraemon A party game that anyone can play!

It is full of mini games that allow up to 4 people to experience the movie scene, regardless of family or friends.

Aim for first place in competitive play or work together to defeat powerful enemies in co-op play.

With simple controls using the Joy-Con controller, you can maximize the play of all kinds of mini-games.

Enjoy the movie nailing story in the game!

You can also collect Doraemon gadgets.

This may continue to be a Japan-only incident as the release in the West has not yet been confirmed, but Switch has recently had a fair amount of Doraemon love in the Doraemon: Story of Seasons, crossover title. did Last year, we expanded into Europe and North America.

Are you a Doraemon fan? Should this come west someday? Please tell me below.

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