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In August, Alex Anzalone visited Saints Media New Orleans Defense Goals It was to be the top 5 unit “among different categories”. Revisit your goals from three different areas in less than a week of rear-view mirror regular season and playoffs. We’ll start with an overview of some of the key stats categories, then break it down for each play, and then look at Saints’ defensive abilities that affect the game with playmaking abilities.

With big goals for the pre-season, we’ll look at where Saints are ranked across the league across Defensive Spray ahead of this weekend’s wildcard match.

30,000 ft view

Major statistical categories

Category Yards allowed for each game NFL ranking
Category Yards allowed for each game NFL ranking
Total defense 310.9 4th
Go through the defense 217 5th place
Hurry up and defend 93.9 4th
Scoring defense 21.1 5th place

The answer to whether the saints have achieved their high goals immediately echoes “yes.” According to the NFL’s most common statistics, New Orleans landed firmly within 5th or 5th place.

This is particularly striking given the early season struggle where Saints’ defense did not abandon a large number of yards, but due to penalties and inefficiencies in the Red Zone, he abandoned much at the end of the scoring. That same defense resulted in abandoning only 15.2 points in the last nine games, instead of abandoning 29.4 points in the first seven games of the season. Its remarkable streak began with a 38-3 rout. Tampa Bay Buccaneers..

Stretch from victory to defeat Philadelphia Eagles In the 13th week, I realized that the team could have been what they wanted before the season started.

Boldly lost 246 yards to the Eagles Kansas City Chiefs Until 179, New Orleans held their crown as one of the NFL’s most urgent defenses. Impressively, it does not simply force the opposite crime. Let’s take a closer look to help tell the story.

More detailed perspective

Statistics for each trial

Category Permit NFL ranking
Category Permit NFL ranking
Yards per pass attempt 6.7 4th
Passer rating 83.3 4th
Completion% 59.8 2nd place
Yards per carry 3.9 4th

Not long ago, I explained how certain elements of the game can help offend others. Early in the season, Saints seemed to be a very effective defense due to the lack of yards, but the penalty didn’t require the team to put points on the board. The reason has become clear.

This can often happen in a running game. Take a rival in the NFC South area as an example Atlanta Falcons.. The Falcons will end the 2020 season with the sixth least rushyard allowed per game. However, unlike the 4th-ranked saint with 3.9 yards per carry, the Falcons are just outside the top 10 and an average of 4.4 is allowed. Half that yard is a big issue for each carry, and good land defense is usually identified by the average of the sub 4 yards.

On the other hand, it goes beyond the New Orleans run game, which ranks as high in pass games on a trial-by-trial scale. Saints has ended the 2020 season as one of four teams that do not allow 300 yards of passers-by and has not done so since the 15th week of the shootout. San Francisco 49ers In 2019.

But the outstanding statistic for me is the completion rate. Yes, the saints have taken on men like Kendall Hinton (11%), PJ Walker (35.7%) and Matt Ryan (62.2% in two games) this season. But they also faced Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Patrick Mahomes. The three saints maintained completion rates of 65.6%, 60.8%, and 55.4%, respectively.

In the world of analytics, saints are also in the top five with several metrics, including per-play EPA (4th), dropback EPA (5th), and rush EPA (3rd). This unit also ranks second in the Football Outsiders DVOA metric. These help provide context as well as seeing chunks and scores in the yard, as well as the efficiency of defense and the ability to limit success on a live basis.

Big moments, big play

“”[We] Don’t call it sales. This is called takeout. ”

Alex Ansalone and Denis Allen both talked about this spirit in August. The defense wanted to create a turnover with a focus on stealing the ball from the opposing team. We look more bullish on the very important elements of football. This was the main focus of the saints, especially the secondary, who were accumulating intercepts in each practice during the camp. The big question was whether it would be transformed into a field along with other important playmaking opportunities for defense.

Defensive playmaking statistics

Category count NFL ranking
Category count NFL ranking
Sales difference 9 T-3
Interception 18 T-1 place
Fumble takeout 8 T-7 days
Total points 26 T-3
bag 45 The 7th

From here, we’ll start looking at some stats that New Orleans didn’t make into the top five. But before we reach one that is especially worth emphasizing, we need to discuss the fact that New Orleans drew the most intercepts in the league at 18 in 2020.

This was the place where the saints were really hot and cold. The worst part was that the coldest stretches were icy while the hot stretches were burning. They will greatly benefit from being on the warm side of things in the playoffs.

Throughout the first seven games of the season (weeks 1-8), the saints intercepted only four passes.In the next 4 weeks (9-12), the secondary will continue to add Nine More interception to that total.After that, the following four games from the 13th week to the 16th week zero To end the season with the Panthers, pick before stacking into five.

If the pattern lasts for four game periods, it will pass the conference championship and can’t afford to get cold in the playoffs or once reached. Bouncy ball.. However, regardless of cadence, New Orleans ranked at the top of the league here, with the difference between total takeout and sales (comparison of takeout minus giveaway) in the top five.

Now, let’s not go without pointing out the negative areas here. The top 10 is great, but it’s a shame for the unit to be ranked 7th in the NFL on the sack. They won 50 bags last season and the general conclusion was that this group would only improve in 2020. Unfortunately, the total number of bags has been reduced to 45. This is the third highest total in the Sean Payton era, but simply expect.

In particular, it was widely expected that one player, Marcus Davenport, would take the next step. The first round of 2018 picks was only 1.5 this year, following the 6-sack season. And while the number of bags is by no means important, his presence in Pass Rush was generally not sniffed. According to Pro Football Focus, which ranks fourth on the team, he put a total of 34 pressures, 12 less than interior defensive lineman David Onie Mata and only one more than linebacker De Mario Davis. ..

Davenport will enter the contract season next year and will choose the option for the fifth year. The playoffs are an opportunity to showcase some of the flashes he saw when he first entered the field this season after missing the first quarter of the game.

You can’t talk about Sack without admitting that Tray Hendrickson has finished the second-place Thai season in the NFL Los Angeles Rams DPOY Aaron Donald twice at 13.5.

Effective pass rush is very important in the playoffs.

Playoffs improvement

Despite achieving the top five goals in many categories and NFL rankings, there are two places in the playoffs where New Orleans can stand to improve. Coming to the postseason, competition is (usually) much more competitive and much more efficient. That’s how the team reaches the playoffs in the first place.

With that in mind, Saints’ Defense focuses on improving Third Down and Red Zone Defense.

New Orleans is in the top ten, enabling a conversion rate of 38.2% on the third down. Well, it’s never terrible, and they’re out of the game holding Carolina in only one of the nines in the third down. However, we are aiming for the top five, so there is room for improvement.

When Ansalone and Defense set their top five goals, the idea was to be one of the top five best teams, not the worst top five. In the Red Zone, New Orleans has been struggling consistently throughout the season. New Orleans has allowed 34 touchdowns to 50 scoring possessions this season. That 68.0% rate is the fourth highest allowed by the NFL.

However, this metric is the same as the efficiency of third down.New Orleans allowed only one score (touchdown or field goal) against Carolina Panthers Property of 4 Red Zones on Sunday. It can be noted that it is simply a poor play of Carolina, but two of the three failed possessions occurred in the end zone interception beyond just “the right place, the right time” play. Is noteworthy. Needless to say, the team lost three players in the secondary and Kwon Alexander in the previous week’s season.

If New Orleans can improve in these two areas, put some pressure on quarterbacks, and stay dominant where they’ve been performing throughout the season, it’s possible to bring the NFL’s best defenses into the playoffs. I can do it. The top five were great for the regular season-now when they enter the winning and losing territory, the focus must shift to being absolutely the best.

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Rethinking New Orleans Saints Pre-Season “Top 5 Defense” Goals Rethinking New Orleans Saints Pre-Season “Top 5 Defense” Goals

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