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For most of us, 2020 is the year we want to forget as soon as possible. Still, I would like to talk about how I experienced baseball in 2020.

Of course, baseball was also attacked by the coronavirus. Many tournaments have been postponed and some have been cancelled. However, in general, most leagues took off at a later stage. The countries where the tournament was canceled were France, Romania and Portugal.
Ultimately, most European leagues started around May / June. If you really have learned from this year, it’s not a matter of course. I realized how much I miss baseball even though I don’t have baseball. As a result, I enjoyed the game with enthusiastic participation.

Since moving to Belgium, I’ve played more games in that country, but I’ve also traveled to Germany several times. Just for that. In this way, the cap collection could also be expanded. 😀 Dutch baseball has slowed down a bit over the years. When I first participated in a baseball game in 1986, the stand easily had 2,000 to 3,000 fans. Today it is no longer the case. Next to the fact that the stand is pretty empty, almost no one will fire his / her team anymore. As a result, the atmosphere in most stadiums is quite boring. Especially in Germany, the opposite is true. Wherever you come, your fans are rooting for your team. If not, speakers and entertainment make them. And the atmosphere is good in most cases. So for me, that was also the reason I spend more time playing baseball games abroad.

However, despite Corona, baseball was able to play in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Unfortunately, when pollution increased, the Dutch government took some steps to make it impossible to end the Dutch series (Dutch Championship series). KNBSB made the only correct decision as L & D Amsterdam Pirates led the game 2-0 and Curacao Neptuneus finished first during the regular season. There are no champions this year.

The disconnection of minor league baseball, even on another continent, has hit me hard this year. Sure, in 2019 MLB came up with a plan to reduce 42 minor league teams, but during the year it became clear what MLB was actually doing: grab ordinary money. .. By pretending to be “poor” facilities, long-distance travel, rookie, low A-ball players and making big, and increasing the payments of minor league players, MLB owners have about 1,050 players Reduced (to be exact, the number of 42 teams to make). The US Supreme Court has decided that MLB will have to pay minor leaguers a minimum wage on working days, reducing 42 teams so that owners don’t have to pay more than in 2019. It’s good, of course, to earn at least the minimum wage in the month they work, but owners don’t pay more dimes than in 2019.

Most of the 42 clubs separated from the organized ball run in so-called “independent” leagues, college leagues, or MLB draft leagues. In all of these cases, MLB is still influential and clubs can see the talent playing there. But … it won’t cost them a penny. That’s all for greedy MLB owners. Several articles on the web state that MLB clubs save $ 700,000 a year. You know that this only changes the money for a billion-dollar business. Corona couldn’t come in a better time for MLB owners because the MiLB season was canceled and the MiLB owners had no income. As a result, MiLB had to accept the condition and MLB was pushing down on the throat.

Some of the teams separated from the organized ball were left behind because they didn’t know what their future would be. Take a team like Staten Island Yankees. They find out through (social) media that the Yankees dropped them. Running a team in an independent league is too costly, so the owner decided to stop.
What about clubs like Lancaster JetHawks in the California League? The team was cut and the location was taken over by Fresno Grizzlies, who was forced to go down three levels. How likely is JetHawks to become an indie league team? Most, if not all, independent leagues in California are pretty vague. Is the Pecos League baseball level (to name one) enough to lure fans into the hangar (Jethawks stadium)? Certainly, baseball is not the only minor league baseball game. Entertainment plays a very important role for those who visit the game. But to be honest, I don’t know if there is entertainment in the Pecos League. What I read and heard is that the average number of fans per game is 100-200. The hangar has a capacity of 4,500 southeast, so the stadium looks pretty empty.

I’ve loved minor league baseball since I first played in the MiLB game in 2008. That’s why the developments surrounding MiLB turned me away from MLB. Sure it’s the best kind of baseball you can see, but I spend more money on a bunch of greedy owners who rather ruin some small baseball community due to a few pocket changes I refuse to do that.

Anyway, 2020 was a strange year for baseball. You may find yourself lucky to still be able to play baseball in most countries. I enjoyed it every minute. I sincerely hope that other baseball fans, like me, have learned not to take the baseball season for granted. You only understand how much you miss things when it’s not there.

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Rethinking the 2020 Baseball Season-Dutch Baseball Hangout Rethinking the 2020 Baseball Season-Dutch Baseball Hangout

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