Retro Studios still need a boss / AI designer

Imagine working with Ridley … (Image: Nintendo)

It’s been almost two years since Nintendo announced its development. Metroid Prime 4 What’s happening since it’s been scrapped and restarted? If you catch up, you’ll know that retro studios continue to employ large scale jobs.

Recently, we recruited veterans GTA producer, God of War Level designers, and various other talents who have worked on AAA franchises such as: call of Duty, Hello, Borderlands And EA battlefield series. One of the positions that still needs to be filled is the boss / AI designer vacancies.

This looks similar to the position I’ve been trying to fill for quite some time. At the very least, it helps remind fans that their Retro Studios Twitter account is still active. This is the tweet since August, and it seems to be the fourth tweet this year.

Responses to this tweet were received in a variety of ways-many followers were relieved to know that the game was clearly in progress, but at the same time expressed concern about how long it would take.

It was also recently discovered that Retro Studios will remodel its headquarters to support the development of Metroid Prime 4. How do you feel about this project as you approach 2021? Share your thoughts below.

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