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Most of the indicators so far Habib Nurmagomedov Retired fighter remains. However, the lightweight champion confirmed that the UFC is playing its part in returning him to the Octagon for another fight.

Habib commented on upcoming meeting with Dana White

An undefeated fighter rocked the world of MMA in October when Nurmagomedov announced his retirement after submitting Justin Gaethje. A Dagestan star reported that he promised his mother another fight after his father died earlier this year.

But since then, UFC president Dana White has said he could convince Habib to return to the next fight, aiming for a 30-0 mark. As a result, Nurmagomedov remains a lightweight champion, despite being repeatedly said to have retired.

White will meet Habib in January. Match TV Recently he was saying this ( RT sports).

“Dana and I were in contact and weren’t talking about the free belt and the moment,” he said. “This is because they want me to continue.

“This is clear. I’ve been in the league for nine years and I’m not losing. I have a story and I’m a big fan.

“I don’t blame them, and I understand their desires. They convince me, I don’t hide, but this is not surprising.

“They provide conditions and fighters, but it’s hard to surprise fighters. Finished half of the top ten earlier than planned.

“Yes, I repeat. There are terms and offers. Within a few weeks, Dana and I will discuss all the points. There is no possibility of returning.”

The consensus is that if Habib returns, Battle with fellow legend Georges St-Pierre, Probably the reason. Nurmagomedov has repeatedly said he wants to face GSP in the past.

Winning former welterweight and middleweight champions will build his legacy even further, and Saint-Pierre said that if he defeated Habib it would do the same for him. However, Nurmagomedov reportedly said this when asked which opponent could bring him back into the cage.

“I would have been fighting only Muhammad Ali, but he is not with us.”

Is the door still a little open?

Therefore, this last comment about Ali, and other statements that Habib made about his retirement, certainly indicate that his prestigious career is over.

But … it’s somewhat interesting that Habib is having this meeting with White, and reportedly allowed them to discuss the UFC’s offer.

In addition, not long ago, Habib reported that he remained in the USADA test pool. So could he keep the door open to come back just a little bit? In case an offer he can’t refuse is put on the table?

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Return of “Conditions and Offers” made by the UFC Return of “Conditions and Offers” made by the UFC

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