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Return to work plans clash with major supply shortages

Office managers say break room refrigerator orders needed in January may not be fulfilled until next summer

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When you return to the office, you may not have a desk, toilet paper, or refrigerator to hide your lunch.

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According to this week’s report from consultancy Korn / Ferry, retailers fear that Christmas shelves will be empty. Supply chain disruptions and tip shortages complicate employers’ plans for a smooth office reopening. ing. Elise Friedman, a senior client partner at Korn / Ferry and advising on a company’s return-to-work strategy, said office managers may not be able to fulfill their break room refrigerator orders needed in January until next summer. It states. She said the new desk was also a few months behind schedule, but that’s a small problem because the office is slow to reach capacity.

Workers are already hesitant to return to their five-day office routine, and one-third of the experts who responded to the August Korn / Ferry survey said they would never return full-time. In an interview, Friedman said companies need to accept uncertainty and try to make the most of it.

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“The organization is trying to do something fun, it’s transparent and it uses humor,” she said. Maybe it says, “The client is putting up a poster showing that someone sitting at the card table is putting the cooler box aside,” we know this is not ideal. Is working to make it better. “

This problem is even more acute for employees who need refrigeration for critical needs, such as breastfeeding mothers and workers taking medications that require cooling. According to Friedman, what is important for employers is the ongoing flexibility that allows some people to continue their remote work.

Break rooms may not be the biggest challenge. According to Friedman, the early signs are that a shortage of the same type of toilet paper that hit the house in 2020 could plague office toilets after a large number of workers return. So maybe pack a roll of TP in your work go bag.

Return to work plans clash with major supply shortages Return to work plans clash with major supply shortages

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