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ReturnsThe PlayStation 5 action game about dancing with death in the inevitable time loop space rave is a visual pleasure. It is also auditory. And nothing is more obvious than when playing with 3D audio headphones.

I’ll say it this way: before I pick it up Returns, I rarely play games on headphones.Now i can’t play Returns Without them.

Sony Promotion Detailed and directional “Tempest” 3D audio support as an important selling point of PS5. PS5 dedicated headset released with the system, Pulse 3DSeems to have been tuned to take full advantage of Tempest 3D Audio Tech’s “custom engine for 3D audio,” not to mention comparable to the PS5. Star Wars Stormtrooper aesthetics.That’s what I’m using to play Returns, And it was very, very good.

However, keep in mind that you don’t need flashy Pulse 3D to try out PS5 3D audio. Most USB headsets, or analog headphones connected to the DualSense, will suffice. Go to settings and[サウンド]Open the menu,[オーディオ出力]Scroll down to the submenu and make sure 3D Sound is enabled. With the right headset connected, you can not only turn on 3D audio, but also choose one of five audio presets to find the sound that works best for your ears.

I have previously tested this technology on various PS5 games. Outriders.. People Can Fly’s loot shooter features some typical directional audio that creates some neat moments, ensuring improved situational awareness in combat. But the overall experience didn’t translate me exactly into the gospel of 3D headphone audio.

ReturnsOn the other hand, it’s legal and astounding.

While walking in Atropos ReturnsSetting up an exoplanet with 3D audio enabled on your headphones is a nerve-wracking exercise, at least for horror babies like me.Cannot be pinpointed exactly what There is a sound, but you know Where they are. (Everywhere.) When the car’s uneasy growl begins, the turret pops out of the ground. Flying tentacle space monsters are very likely to be flying bears prepared to eat you, purely based on their roar. It helps you pinpoint their location without even thinking.

At various times Returns Drop you during the first-person intermission set in a 20th century Include Resident Evil Village demo From January, footsteps will be the main focus. Just as a neighbor upstairs refuses to take off his shoes, you can hear the sound of being trampled upstairs, really upstairs. And, of course, it’s raining. It sounds as good as it feels, also known as “Like the real rain.. That’s all, yes, it contributes to the feeling that Atropos isn’t like the real world, but it certainly sounds like a real place.

These effects are more than just ear candies. There are also specific gameplay benefits. The enemies that appear behind you do so with voice cues, such as screech, or the beating of another world robot. When listening in 3D audio, these enemies actually sound like they are behind you. (((ReturnsAnnoying bats are much easier to handle unless you blind them. You can technically hear all of this from your TV speakers, but such a setting is incomparable to the situational awareness you get from hearing it. Direction that can be accurately identified.

Earlier this month, Loic Couthier, Audio Lead Returns,Said PlayStation blog How the PS5 Tempest 3D audio engine has improved the playback experience. For example, enemies out of sight appear to be given hearing priorities, so they hear their voices more than they actually see. It all works through a kind of technical echolocation. (How You are Like that, a bat? !! ) Even with respect to your weapon, when you pull the correct trigger, invisible audio “rays” are emitted from your weapon. next, PlayStation blog “When those rays hit an obstacle, such as a wall or other physical shape, they reproduce a unique reflected sound,” he said.

But the brilliance ReturnsAs Couthier pointed out, the audio is “mostly used without your knowledge.” You can’t fully register all these little things until you’re back to standard stereo audio output from TV speakers and so on. Then you notice what you are missing. And shortly thereafter, you can no longer play without it. I certainly can’t.

It took me a while to figure out if “Tempest 3D Audio Tech” was real, or if it was the same, another marketing gimmick. 3D audio has been around for years, but I’ve never been crazy about headsets in their entirety. We couldn’t find any trade-off benefits of adjusting the surroundings.But Returns Opened my ears, and I want to hear what else this technology can do.

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