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Miesha Tate Not only is it itchy to compete, she wants to be the champion again.

In 2016, gloved Tate (18-7 MMA, 5-4 UFC) will return to the fight when she faces Marion Reneau in a women’s bantamweight match on July 17.

Female MMA pioneer Tate reached the pinnacle of sport when Holly Holm won an incredible come-from-behind victory in March 2016 to win the UFC bantamweight title at UFC 196. Amanda NunesAfter that, Raquel Pennington lost his decision and was forced to retire.

But after years away from sports, the 34-year-old explained that she still had a desire to compete and made a two-year plan.

“I’m very excited, I’m really,” Tate told her. Sirius XM Fight Nation Show’MMA Tonight.. “That is, it’s on fire. My heart is completely passionate. I feel like I’m completely fine, and when you know, you know I know. I am the one who always leads with my heart and feels that my calling is in life and it never leads me in the wrong direction No. I was a person who could turn very quickly and not be afraid of it. I jump in as soon as I feel it is right, and that’s what I’m doing here That’s it. Like this sport, it wants me. It feels like it’s calling me, and now it’s time to answer. “

She continued. “I see this from a two-year perspective.” It’s really hard to say because I always want to plan my life and rarely follow it. That’s why I see, “Why am I planning something?” Because it never really works that way, but the deal has six fights and devoted itself to this sport I have two years I’m sure I want to. But look, anything can happen in a single battle. To be honest, I really don’t know what to expect. “

Tate wants to bounce her towards another crack in the title by defeating Renault. Dual-champion Nunez (21-4 MMA, 14-1 UFC) hasn’t lost a £ 135 belt since submitting a Tate to Round 1 at the UFC 200, but “Cupcake” beats the champion. I’m sure I have what I need to do. ..

“That’s very exciting to me. You can get in there and confuse with Marion. She’s what I had to keep those goals for, but for the next two years I’ll tell you I can say, that’s my plan. I’m involved in sports. Of course I want to be a champion again. I think Amanda (Nunes) is an amazing fighter. She’s the best, she’s the best. Best ever. But in the end, hopefully when that moment comes, I really believe I know if I’ll hit my nose with a grindstone. It’s my girl Juliana (Pena). Did not achieve it in the first place.

“She may be able to go there, and hopefully she will have the next opportunity, and I hope she can achieve that goal, but now. , The champion is Amanda. I want to do that. I love fighting her again because I know there is a style to beat her. I’m not going to rob her of anything She’s just a scary woman, hits like a man, and I know it. I know everything. I’m there with her and what she’s been doing ever since I’ve seen if there is, but I know I have a style to beat her and I have a desire. I have a plan, I have a goal, and when the push rushes, I know someone who causes sh * t. “

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Returning Miesha Tate’s eyes to the title rematch with Amanda Nunes Returning Miesha Tate’s eyes to the title rematch with Amanda Nunes

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