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I know it’s not my mind to do the trick, but every console launch I participated in contains a discreet launch library. I wasn’t really impressed when the PlayStation 4 was released, but Resogun It did a great job of drawing us into a new generation.When Astro playroom, PlayStation not only draws us into a new generation, but also excites us thanks to the packed software.

It seems that few people don’t know who Astro is, but it attracts me. I call him the new unofficial mascot of the PlayStation brand.We have been aware of its existence since the introduction of the playroom and the beginning of the last generation that followed. Astrobot Rescue Mission, It’s one of the best VR platformers of 2018 and a candidate for many who have played the Game of the Generation. However, being in a pinch within a VR headset means that not many people will experience the game.

Team Asobi continues to offer the most original titles on PlayStation. This small team at Japan Studio has brought some magical moments over the last few years and continues to drive the platform in new and exciting ways.

Astro playroom It contains four worlds divided into 16 levels, each introducing features related to DualSense. CPU Plaza, held within PlayStation 5, is a gateway to Cooling Springs, GPU Jungle, Memory Meadows, and SSD Speedway. Our widespread starting point is called Cooling Springs, which begins on a crystal clear beach and ends with rafting ice water on a block of ice. Each section contains hidden puzzle pieces that are artifacts, each unlocking a long-standing PlayStation legacy piece. All the while, you’re used to all the features of the new DualSense and controller.

Great giveaway

I’m showing you a video Astro playroom It does not justify actually sitting and playing. From the moment it started to the moment it stopped, the controller rang in different ways, thanks to internal tactile feedback. You can feel the reaction of the controller as the astro walks around, the rumbling when sliding, and the rumbling when jumping into a puddle and getting off the diving platform. Whether you’re walking in the sand or skating on the ice, DualSense makes you feel like you’re doing just that. I can only express how much I enjoy using DualSense through my own experience. It may not have much of an impact on you, but these little details are what made Sony believe in its new controller.

But what I find amazing isn’t just the technology behind the new DualSense controller. Team Asobi has provided an exciting platformer with enough diversity to sustain its investment. All levels throughout the game are different enough to keep things fresh at all times. If your game requires combat, Astro handles minor enemies so you can find lighter mechanics. Puzzles and secrets will make you hunt every corner, but the real focus is exploration.

This is obviously not a difficult game, but the 4-5 hours I’ve been playing Astro playroom It’s a treat. The cherry at the top is a free pack-in title that all PlayStation 5 owners will experience on the first day. For legacy fans like me, finding every part of PlayStation’s history scattered across each level follows the path of memory, looks at old peripherals, and nods to the cast of Solid Snake. Until dawn Kratos, tomb Raider,and unknown A cool nod to the PlayStation brand.

Yes, Astro playroom It’s included in the console, but don’t miss the radar. On the first day, you’ve got a great platformer that is a homage to the PlayStation legacy. Through four stages, you’ll experience everything DualSense offers and a great lead-in for generations. Since the introduction of DualSense nearly 20 years ago, the controller has slightly improved the experience. It now feels like a real revolution, thanks to the adaptive triggers and haptic touches that DualSense uses to immerse players in an exciting way. Sony has always been a traditional company, but the combination of one or two has created one of the key elements of experiencing the next generation. Astro playroom And the implementation of DualSense.

[A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.]


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