Review – Batman: Long Halloween, Part 1 – “Created with great care”


It will be digital on June 22nd and will arrive on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray Steelbooks on June 21st. Batman: Long Halloween, Part 1 Written by Tim Sheridan (Masters of the Universe: Revelation), adapted from graphic novels written by Jeph loeb,directed by Chris Palmer (Superman: Tomorrow’s Man) And Featuring Voice Jensen Ackles (Supernatural), Naya Rivera (Glee), Josh Duhamel (Transformers) Billy Burke (Twilight).

Batman (Acres), Gordon (Burke), and Gotham’s new district attorney Harveydent (Duamel) will work together to fight Maroni’s criminal family at Long Halloween, near the beginning of his career in fighting Batman’s crimes. I’m trying to stop it. And of Falcone.

However, when Carmine Falcone’s nephew was murdered on Halloween night, it led to a series of murders by a mysterious maniac called Holiday and the intensification of war between criminal families leading to the bombing of Harveydent’s home. is showing.

Batman tries to discover the identity of the holiday, wrestles with Catwoman (Rivera) on a sexy rooftop, and tries to stop Joker (Troy Baker) from gassing Gotham. The dents begin to fall off the rails – Too Faced seeds begin to germinate.

A really nice title sequence that uses cartoon panels along with cast and crew names starts things stylishly and politely, Batman: Long Halloween, Part 1 Again, the book doesn’t look like an ape.There are some old episodes Batman: Animation Series Included on this disc is a modern, clean, large, looming Art Deco style featured in this feature that closely resembles the old show, with gorgeous, angular fresh linework. It is a thing.

The design of the batsuit is modest. Simple yet elegant, it has short ears and a nice long cape. Its shape makes it a stunning cape pool around the bat’s paws, with some stunning silhouettes. The suit itself is a gray body with a black trouser section and a yellow utility belt. It’s not a simple, clear, stylish, busy and exciting classic.

Acres voice work is pretty good. He doesn’t feel like he has enough gravity, but he’s properly moody and deep. To be fair to the performers, Bat is early in his career in this story, so the lack of young casting and vocal weights can be completely intentional.

Naya Rivera Catwoman isn’t very noticeable, but she and Acres have a decent match, and the bat and cat scenes are actually a bit hot, so I asked them to see what the rating was! It’s 15, surprisingly sultry, but the cheeky quotient is tame-horny.

Violence is also not at level 15, so I’m surprised that this didn’t pass at 12. There is blood, but no bullets, and the murder is not horrifying at all. The bat is very sneaky and brutal, but let him talk by sticking a hood into his leg with a batalan and hitting him with a wound.

It’s created with great care, including cool shot selection, dynamic, easy-to-understand, visually exciting sequence of actions, and loyal and undisturbed voice actors.The only annoyance here is instead of paying Mark hamill, We chose to hire Troy Baker To give the impression of Hamil’s Joker.

As you roam Arkham, you’ll see that the rest of Rogue’s gallery comes, but in this first part you’ll get some fun Solomon Grundy scenes. And it’s an elephant in the room: does it have to be two parts? Well, in 85 minutes, you don’t feel like you’re not getting the value of your money, and it’s also not wasted elements to allow adaptation of the wonderful full feel of the story It means that. But that also means that this first bit does all the basics and setup, sometimes a little dry, and feels lacking enough of murder, mayhem, and villains. So I think it depends a lot on how good Part 2 is …

The disc itself has a static vanilla menu with some of the scores looping through. With scene selection and audio and sub options in the same language English, French, German, or Spanish, the English and German streams are deaf (sound effects and musical cues are also primed).

English is a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 stream that folds nicely into stereo in the absence of surround. There is no problem with both audio and video encoding, with a crisp, colorful image and a very clear sound throughout.

Bonus material includes: DC Showcase: LoserIs a 16-minute short story featuring a captain Storm-led army type and dog on the deck of a submarine that fights gamera-like creatures underwater. They are launched on an unknown island full of dinosaurs that lose, wreck, and turn over. It’s a great shot of adrenaline after bloody, really exciting, and a little subdued features. I would like to see the full functionality with these guys.

Long Halloween Sneak Peak, Part 2 is a 10-minute feature that introduces storyboards, clips, and Talking Heads in the form of creators. Also, Jensen Ackles, Billy Burke, and Josh Duhamel talk about the characters and take a very exciting peek at what the scarecrow and poison Ivy look like.

Similar additions to Batman, The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1. Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and Classic Batman: Two episodes of the animated series-Christmas with the Joker and it’s never too late-also exist and make a satisfying amount of high quality extras.

Batman: Long Halloween, Part 1 will be released digitally on June 22nd, and DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray Steelbooks will be released on June 21st.

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Review – Batman: Long Halloween, Part 1 – “Created with great care”

https://www.liveforfilm.com/2021/06/21/review-batman-the-long-halloween-part-one-created-with-the-utmost-care/ Review – Batman: Long Halloween, Part 1 – “Created with great care”

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