Review: Bright Memory-Console creatures

Since it was released earlier this year, I’ve been crazy about what developer FYQD has provided. Bright Memory Infinite Combine gun play and sword. The nice thing about this project is that it comes from a solo developer in China. He has received many positive reviews for his game trailers and has proven that he can hit his hands.Earlier this year, the game world Bright Memory Infinite, Kick up a storm of excitement and many stories from the industry.

So when I learned it Bright memory It was scheduled to be released on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10th, but I wanted to try next year’s Prologue. infinite. The playable teaser in FYQD-Studio is short, but it does a great job of providing complete game samples. Previously, Bright memory Released on Steam Early Access, console gamers are hospitable.

Bright memory Full of stylish gameplay that combines first-person shooter and sword play.Think Shadow Warrior First-person shooters gathered Bright memory. You play as Sheria, a member of the Supernatural Science Research Organization, who accidentally activated the device that revived the dead. Sheria and SRO confront SAI, a terrorist organization trying to steal ancient relics. The game progresses one mile per minute and has a proven track record of unlocking to complete multiple playthroughs.

Sheria confronts the waves of enemy soldiers, and the devil descends upon you to feast on your flesh. Bright memory throws a lot of different genres on the wall and somehow sticks them together, and I go until they just work nicely together and work miraculously.Swordsmanship is reminiscent of Devil May Cry It will be evaluated by how well you complete the combo, but you should make a mistake on the generosity side. Even the shootout is tough on being a demo of a much larger game that isn’t essentially scheduled until next year. Sheria also has supernatural powers to help fight evil and can teleport and dodge battles.

By the time you actually feel the mechanic’s thoughts, you’re either ready to roll your credits and try another playthrough, or finish it and wait for the full game next year. That said, the sword comes with this neat power to fire a laser at the enemy and includes a cooldown timer, so it’s left to the gun until the sword is recharged.

I enjoyed the gameplay of Bright Memory, but it’s unsophisticated, so from the moment the menu is displayed I know it’s a PC port. One of the downsides of being a solo developer I want to prove is that there is no one in your own QA department to help develop ports beyond the minimum product of the same demo available on your PC. .. If Bright Memory Infinite is likely to succeed next year, there’s a lot to do in the menu.

Bright Memory is a short event that will set the stage for Bright Memory Infinite in 2021. This is just an hour’s demo of what the series might offer next year, but it’s a fun but short walk across a dangerous supernatural world.

[A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.]


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