Review: Exception – “Seeing the Dark Side of Humanity”


exception (alias Undtagelsen) Is working with a Copenhagen-based humanitarian NGO (non-governmental organization) to investigate and publish an analysis of the socio-political and psychological factors and circumstances that cause war criminals and modern genocide. It’s a story about a woman. Each of them begins to receive disturbing and threatening anonymous emails, initially believed to be from Serbian war criminals, and their trust in their offices is rapidly lost. If you suspect someone in the group is sending an email, your friendship will diminish as paranoia takes over. Danica Curtic (((Steal a horse) Iben, a writer struggling with her time captured in Nigeria, is a close friend of fellow writer Marlene, who was recently diagnosed with arthritis. Amanda Colin (Proposed by the wolf). They became suspicious of Camilla, Sidse Babett Knudsen (Borgen and Westworld) may be trying to undermine Marlene to take on her job within an NGO.

directed by Yespa W. Nielsen, The movie quickly increases tension. As we begin to discover that it’s not all, it seems to be an effective whodunit with enough twists and turns to entertain the audience and get them interested in most of the film.

The film also urges people to prejudice and hate other groups, and justifies the atrocities committed against fellow humans and the psychology behind living together. I’m trying to see. However, I sometimes get confused when trying to investigate such important and complex issues within what is essentially a plot-driven thriller. The use of the movie protagonist as a microcosm to investigate these issues works very effectively within the first two-thirds of the movie, but a more standard thriller metaphor connects the plots to explain. The side of the movie Whodunit begins to be unraveled in the last third as it comes to the fore to. I feel that the last third would have been tedious and would have benefited from more ruthless editing, not knowing where and how to end it.

However, exceptions work well as a thriller to explore the dark side of humanity and what the general public can do. It should also be praised for trying to investigate the psychology of prejudice and hatred that manifests itself in bullying, intimidation and violence. Recent events in the United States, the issue of prejudice and its consequences make this film more sadly relevant than we would like.

The exception will be released digitally on January 22nd.

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Review: Exception – “Seeing the Dark Side of Humanity”

https://www.liveforfilm.com/2021/01/14/review-the-exception-looks-at-the-darker-side-of-human-nature/ Review: Exception – “Seeing the Dark Side of Humanity”

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