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I’m the last person to play aerial combat games, and that’s because of my lack of patience and the necessary attitude of preferring direct combat with weapons.I just completed the original Panzer Dragoon For example, it’s been many years since I played Drag on dragoon And it flew around as a huge dragon Angelus. I was always jealous of the Ring’s fellowship flying in the Great Eagles, but I learned to let it go. Now, Falconia, I found a midpoint that could soar like a giant falcon.

Developed by the lonely developer Tomas Sala. Falconia Offering a captivating experience on the Xbox Series X, we welcome a new console with gorgeous graphics, a vast world, and an interesting story full of political conflict. Here’s a new title that’s done a lot, and a one-two punch for gamers trying to dig into the title that heralds a new era of Xbox consoles. In essence, this is an aerial combat game that has some growth pain but offers a great take in this genre by anticipating some interesting choices for meat steel and weapons.

Falconia Set in a world called the Great Ursee, a giant warbird patrols the sky. The world is covered with endless oceans and contains hidden secrets throughout its depth. The story is told in several chapters and from different perspectives, learning from the four factions and their stories.To Falconia, Civilian Freehouses, Northern Imperium, The Mancer Order, and Freeboter Rebellion each have a role to play in a more grand plan. For example, Mancer Order uses technology to push the agenda, but the Freebotter rebellion consists of humans expelled from the empire. Each chapter explores these factions in an exciting way.

Each chapter begins by choosing a falcon, deciding on its loadout, and diving deep into the world of Great Ursee. In most cases, your main goal is to reach the area while surviving enemy onslaught before returning to base. As the Guardian of the Dunkle, you are in the middle of a rock and a hard place – your base is between the Empire and Mancer, who controls technology.

And while I worship the storytelling presented in Falconia, Many fighting dogs quickly rot. So many encounters begin with the rider behind Warbird and quickly move on to unconscious gameplay. Sure, you’re avoiding enemies and barrels rolling in the air, but the gameplay loop dries pretty quickly and keeps doing the same for the 15-hour campaign. Mission types range from escort missions to delivery drops, but momentary gameplay is exacerbated by disproportionate difficulties such as walking through cakewalks or coal. I completed the mission either because I was lucky to go through the encounter or because I spammed the attack.

The big problem when you are escorting a slow ship generally involves facts Falconia There are no checkpoints! If you die in the middle of a mission, you will come back to the beginning and annoy you as much as you annoy me. On some missions, I was on my fourth or fifth attempt and was anxious to keep moving forward. You have more mistakes because you fully understand what is in front of you. Of course, one way to mitigate this is to easily set up the game and make cheese. In this mode, Warbird’s health regenerates much faster, but it also relieves tension.

This is a drawback of Falconia Increasingly frustrating – the elements that build the whole world and bring together the great Ursee are full of possibilities, but gameplay is still inadequate in some respects. There are many impressive things about this game, but it also shows many cracks that set it apart from what makes this game great. Open world games need to find the right balance between the main story and the side content. It was the only part of the game that caught my interest, so I quickly abandoned the critical path side missions. There is a very beautiful world in it. In this game, if you miss the critical path, you will get very little reward.

Falconia Is one piece that goes beyond its political storytelling, but spirals in gameplay. What begins as an exciting aerial scenario involving a large Warbird will soon be a repetitive practice. That said, it turns out that this is a personal project of Tomas Sala, the developer who is devoted to the game. Falconia Is a gorgeous Xbox game that performs exceptionally well in Series X, captivating great art direction and an open world. I’m more excited about what Thomas plans to do next. Because on his first outing, he did a great job of hitting some branches in the middle of felling a tree.

[A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.]


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