Review: Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster

Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster It’s not the sequel you want, but it’s worth checking out. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild We left us with sequel questions and news with a pile of more questions. In September, Nintendo revealed that the answer could be found by partnering again with Koei Tecmo, which previously worked on the original. Hyrule Warriors..

I enjoyed the first Hyrule Warriors, Much more than I expected. I’m not the biggest warrior / warrior enthusiast-gameplay bores me because of the ignorance I associate with mechanics. I played the first game with respect for the series, but in the second game I was able to have a good time at the expense of the turn to see the event that happened 100 years before the Breath of the Wild. A little away from my brain.

If you’ve never played Breath of the Wild, understand where the series is. Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster This is the first part of folklore and organic addition to the world. But this does some things on the established timeline and splits the fan because it uses time travel to shift the story.

Without diving deep into the story, this is the first part that begins in the same way that King Rohm gathers his army to face Ganon. It has a future story in which the fewest guardians come from the future, devastating the land and devastating the world. Thankfully, the story is told beautifully, thanks to some of the excellent audio work used to provide powerful performance. The only caveat is that things take time to get things done, and when that happens, things happen in unexpected ways. It’s up to Zelda to gather the champions and find the one who wields the legendary sword.

Gameplay in Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster It can be easily explained as chaos. It’s also a mission-based chapter that you’ll work with to advance the story. You start with a big battlefield covered with enemies. Also, there are many goals and many things to do throughout the map. In most cases, you will move around the map, engaging enemies and, in some cases, mid-bosses. You may also need to reach your goals before you can move on. Thanks to the participation of the Nintendo development team here, I feel that the mission is providing them with a better structure.

In combat, you control several iconic characters throughout Hyrule and work together to prevent Ganon’s army from overtaking the kingdom. Start with Link and Impa, play as Zelda, and then as the four champions Mifa, DARC, Revali, and Urbosa, who were featured in the Breath of the Wild. In combat, there are regular attacks, powerful attacks, special attacks, and evasions to use. You can lock your enemies and, in some cases, use shake runes to turn the tide during combat. You can also switch parties seamlessly and instantly by simply pressing the cross key, allowing the party to make a positive attack against the hordes of enemies.

All characters have their own abilities and skills in combat. Link is agile and uses regular attacks to smash enemy mobs and introduces each ally’s playstyle in combination with a more powerful attack that incorporates the character’s talents. For links, the familiar spin attack allows for hordes of quick work. Impa picks out enemies and blinks quickly. If the attack is missed, Zelda will throw a projectile.

These two attacks build a special meter underneath the heart container. Thinning out enemies builds a meter, and when it’s full, it’s a devastating finisher. In some cases, working hard and timing evasion can allow the team to unlock a gust strike, similar to the Breath of the Wild that occurs when an enemy faints. At these moments, larger enemies are more susceptible to great damage and fall.

Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster

Furthermore, if you press and hold the L button, the item menu will be displayed, and if you press the L button and B button at the same time, you can heal the character in battle through various dishes prepared in advance and found throughout the stage. I will.

Also, for the first time, Divine Beasts is now available across Hyrule maps. All four machines can take command in battles with hundreds of enemies. Gyro control is responsive and you work from a first person perspective, so it’s easier to experience than you can imagine a third person perspective. Basically, you use the beast to find and destroy enemy camps. Some camps will find a machine to stop you. It’s a good idea to turn off motion control as it interferes with the fun here.

Unlike Breath of the Wild, The map is split into points of choice. Each point on the map has a familiar place you’ve visited before, but it’s no longer ruined or abandoned. Hidden throughout each map is an unprecedentedly comfortable Koroku that provides seeds upon discovery.Also back to Age of calamity An option to cook meals at the campsite. There are ingredients throughout the map and many dishes come back, but we don’t cook the meals the traditional way found in the Breath of the Wild.

Instead, at the beginning of each mission, select the meal you want to cook before heading to battle. The gameplay is so enthusiastic that I found the option of streamlining cooking. The sooner you return to the map, the easier it will be to progress. The diet provides the same buffs as before, some may provide more mind, another diet may provide elemental resistance or more stamina, and so on.

Similarly, Gear returns, but this time there is no stress to break. Characters can also change their outfits in the game. This is similar to how the costume worked in the first Hyrule Warriors. Dressing is just what it looks like here, but it’s a great way to make each character feel like their own.

Between story missions, various points on the map provide challenges. These missions serve as a great opportunity to level up your character and collect resources, but these are very bloated quests.

In addition, each character can access different shake runes from Breath of the Wild.. Cryonis, Stasis, and Magnetis.Implementation in Age of calamity Helps control crows of hordes of enemies. For example, you can use Stasis to pause an enemy while doing damage and fly it into the crowd. Cryo allows you to lock your enemies in place and throttle them before returning to normal. You can even build a platform to glide from above and do damage. In Magnesis, you can throw huge blocks at your enemies or hit them against your head. You can also catch a specific weapon and throw it back at the enemy.

I was worried about playing the demo. One of the issues I want to follow up when the full game starts is focused on frame rate. With hundreds of enemies on the screen and severe seizures throughout the high rules, the frame dip can be uncomfortable, pushing the Nintendo Switch to the limit. Dock at home or play handheld on Switch Lite for higher resolution. And while the full game handles better than the demo, it’s still offensive to me. If anything, the long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro is a welcome technology for balancing the energetic mechanics of gameplay, but that’s all speculation, right?

Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster It may not be the sequel that Nintendo fans are looking for, but it’s certainly worth exploring the past to learn about the future. Age of Calamity is a fun game that doesn’t please all the fans in the series and may split the base, but with some issues. It has a great roster of characters, great combat, and some great ideas to stick to landing. At this point, Breath of the Wild 2 is ready to take us home.

[A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.]


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