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I entered Immortals Fenyx Rising in need of an escape from what would otherwise have been a chaotic week. So I never expected to be blown away, but a virtual trip to the Golden Isle. So it’s surprisingly nice to report that this Greek mythological epic closely follows the mechanics and narrative elements of the game, which are mostly stone-carved at this point. Immortal phoenix sizing Soar thanks to a lot of heart and humor, a world full of conspiracy and to do, and a combat system that allows you to adapt or adopt your own style.

Myth travels

Pomegranate seeds planted to grow, according to game director Scott Phillips Immortal phoenix sizing Came from the research stage of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. They are developing what they have learned about mythology, combining it with gameplay mechanics and the challenges they have come to love, exploring Ubisoft Quebec and teams around the world under unestablished IP. You can now create it. It’s a move that helps the Phoenix story certainly become their own.

But that doesn’t mean everything is fresh Immortal phoenix sizing. There are many things in your adventure that come directly from titles like: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Assassin’s Creed, God of War And even a little Kid Icarus For good measurements.

And freedom works mostly until things start to follow the formula, which we’ll talk more about later.

It’s all Greek for me

Immortal phoenix sizing There is a Typhon on the timeline that could replace Dragaux in this story Ring Fit Adventure, He escaped his prison in the mountains of the island, defeated the Greek gods in their halls, and managed to send them back to their territory on the island as being trapped in a caricature of their personality.

In the final effort to change the outcome, Zeus visits his cousin Prometheus. Prometheus has been imprisoned in the snowy mountains for his crime of setting fire to humans. Prometheus tells the story of a human destined to save the gods and reverse the reign of Typhon. The two bet on the story that Prometheus agrees to help Zeus in the final battle if humans fail. On the other hand, if humans win, Zeus can release Prometheus and return it to Olympus.

I thought I would soon get tired of telling my adventure as a constant story, but it turned out that much. Immortal phoenix sizingThe mind comes from the interaction between the two that unfolds as you progress. Ubisoft’s flagship Elias Tafekis is lovable and adorable as a wise and unmistakable Prometheus. He tells the story clearly and attractively, and there is no doubt about his love for humans. On the contrary, Lionel Astier brings it as a larger Zeus than the real thing. Zeus looks like a kind of college boy who has runaway ADHD. Prometheus has a solid foothold and credibility, but Zeus is completely confused and there is no doubt about how Typhon escaped from prison.

As the story evolves and you meet more gods, the story grows stronger only in its fascinating beings. The story is confident that you will continue to be interested as you cross the Golden Isle.

Hello from the Golden Isle

Immortal phoenix sizing We have adopted a cartoon veneer suitable for telling the mythical story that Phoenix traveled to the Golden Isle. While the same suggests a bright and fertile land perfect for Saturday morning cartoons, not all Daedalus Golden Isles are bright and airy. In fact, the developers of Ubisoft Quebec worked well under the guise of the great Greek legendary architect, creating a seven-region gaming world in which each declining god dominated a section that reflected its position in Greek mythology. ..

Aphrodite is the goddess of life and beauty, so she stays at home on the gentle green hills, pomegranate orchards, and gentle cliffs facing beautiful animal fields, like at home in a movie studio. It is natural to feel like. Ghibli will make about Greece. The territory of Hephaestus is the desert of a powerful smithy and a scorching quarry full of stones and other resources behind the chimneys. As you move into the battlefields of Ares, you’ll find a fair amount of skeletons scattered across the scorched lands. Ubisoft spares no time and effort to ensure that each domain acts as an exciting environment.Following the prologue, you are free to explore in your terms — just as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild You can do it with Hyrule.

Fight as you mean it

Fight in Immortal phoenix sizing Is the perfect combination of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild And Assassin’s Creed. This is treated as an RPG numbered hack and slash and often fights multiple enemies at once. In most cases, the enemy will attack refreshingly at the same time. It’s exciting to see a group of Typhon pawns up close while a giant cyclopes throws rocks at you from a distance.

Like the two titles above, Immortal phoenix sizingCombat rewards players who master chain combos and use enemy staggering systems and bullet time to parry and evade, making combat fluid and exciting.

But the real joy of Immortal phoenix sizingCombat comes from the ability to adapt to your combat style. Early on, the phoenix encounters the sword of Achilles, the ax of Atalanta, and the bow of Odysseus. All of these can be used in combat on the fly. Combining Heracles’ psychic powers with Daedalus’s flying abilities, both unlock early on, and Phoenix has a variety of ways to send enemies.

You may choose to hit with a sword fast and often. Alternatively, you may like to hit hard with an ax at the right time. Perhaps you are aiming to keep your distance by choosing to work with a bow. Similarly, throwing a rock with the power of Heracles will do a lot of damage and stagger quickly, but it will also keep you open for a long time. Flying in combat requires good accuracy, but if it’s difficult to attack and you can fly your enemies into the air, it can be completely powerless.

Beauty Immortal phoenix sizingCombat is that it’s up to you to decide how you fight. And there are few taxes to choose how to do it. In fact, you can end up in a situation where you have to adopt multiple tactics to reach the other side.

There’s one form of combat that I wanted to go through some improvements, but I’m surprised that it wasn’t because Ubisoft is stealth and legendary.There is a mechanic in Immortal phoenix sizing It allows you to sneak up on enemies and do a lot of damage from the beginning, and you can learn some skills to help you do this. However, I have mainly found that enemy grouping and lack of vegetation and hiding places lead to stealth being blown away by the breeze. However, when I can’t stick to the vegetation and whistle to bring in my enemies, I’m happy to admit that stealth may be terrible. Assassin’s Creed.

Pious performance

If you follow my recent Ubisoft PC review, you know I’m having a terrible time with performance issues.Was worried about me 2019 Dell G5

I had to go to the land of the dead to catch up with the next generation of games.My time Immortal phoenix sizing I was fine as if Zeus’s lightning had soaked in. To keep the landscape very bright and detailed, I’m running the game in a “very high” setting where antialiasing is present, and 40-60 FPS is fairly stable.

Immortal phoenix sizing It seems to be one of Ubisoft’s most balanced games in recent memory. I was hoping to experience more performance issues than I have, especially in an environment full of assets and combat involving multiple enemies nearby. The worst performance I’ve ever experienced is when a group of infantry and cyclopes get lost in the fight against the boar that killed Adonis. The FPS dropped to 25 and control began to solidify, but not enough to prevent him from continuing the fight.

Repeat extinguish the fire

The biggest problem I have Immortal phoenix sizing While Greek mythology, fresh and fantastic storytelling, and creative combat are all burning brightly, the overall repeatability can blow out candles here. The seven territories of the Golden Isle and their respective gods are fresh and exciting, but the mechanics are beginning to age.

Moving to a new domain consists of scouting the area from above Statues to uncover maps and search for treasures, resources, puzzles and story missions. Then adventure and complete the scouting process, do some things for the local gods, and then face the legendary hero as a boss.

Most of the optional puzzle dungeons are unlocked when you complete a battle with enemies around the point in question. The dungeon is then the slogan of solving one or several puzzles and then deciding whether to solve another puzzle to grab the chest in each dungeon.


Traveling to the Golden Isles is more enjoyable than I expected. The interaction between Zeus and Prometheus made me worried that it would go beyond welcome. But I’m happy to report that the two are the opposite and that it’s completely fun on its own. The Golden Isle serves as a setting because it is a vast land divided into seven areas that reflect the personality and splendor of the Greek gods who call each house. Plus, there are lots of puzzles, secrets, and fierce bosses to keep you busy for hours. With Combat, you get creative the way you want, and literally get creative on the fly. Finally, like any other suitable hero, Fenyx suffers from one obvious weakness. Their adventure involves considerable repetition. There are plenty of variations for puzzles, combat, and main objectives. But it’s an experience all held together by climbing towers that now look standard, scouting the area, and doing some things before the official mission and boss battles. Still, if you’re looking for another open-world adventure, Immortal phoenix sizing Worth a look.

[A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.]


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