Review: Realization- “Fully Grip Synthwave Head Trip Thriller”


Screenplay / Director Anthony Scott Burns (((Our home), Realize Performer Julia Sara Stone (((Bees), Landon Revolving Iron (((Truth or dare), Christopher Heatherington (((Herschell Gordon Lewis Blood Mania)and Curly Risky (((on the rocks).

Sarah (Stone) is a teenager who has problems sleeping and living at home. He went in and out of the house in search of supplies, avoided his mother and put on a sleeping bag on a slide in the park, but in a strange dream full of crazy and eerie images of the fantastic ruins of Stygian, where the shadow men live. Shining white eyes that are bothering me.

At the coffee shop, Sara sees a bulletin board ad for sleep studies that not only gives her a place to stay, but also gives her some money. Joining a small group, she is put in a suit full of sensors. TRON Bodysuit and padded cell. Scientists Jeremy (Revolving Iron) and Anita (Risky) monitor her dreams every night, and regardless of danger, what the boss Dr. Meyer (Heatherington) with ominous Romero glasses wants to pursue. I found it.

Sarah and Jeremy begin to fall into each other, and Sarah’s night terrors pose a threat not only to her, but to those closest to her-and even when they are awake-what is happening to Jeremy and Anita? , And try to figure out what it is, always before it’s too late.

Realize A synth wave head trip thriller that grips perfectly like Flatliners meet Nightmare on Elm Street Directed by Stanley Kubrick and Michael Mann. There are images that stimulate the atmosphere of horror movies and horrifying brains, but lean towards eerie, mysterious and surrealistic images rather than jump scares and gussets.

Anthony Scott Burns provides the visual style of cinema for days. Realize It has gorgeous 80’s aesthetics such as cool blue, subdued purple, LED green, glossy surface, beautiful symmetrical composition, clean and concise lines and dolly.

In addition to the beautiful wavy beat scores of Electric Youth, Shriekback’s unforgettable “Coelocanth” is also included (song of Man hunter When Darahide takes Leva and strokes a tiger) And reminiscent of lo-fi equipment alienA worn-out technique, this movie has a tactile and vibrant atmosphere and a cool and memorable cassette futurist atmosphere that you’ll want to live in.

Burns also has knack for pace and tone, and Sarah and Jeremy’s romance feels strange, cute, real and earned. Nightmares and dream landscapes always come at the right time, trapping you and keeping you on the edge as mysteries and truths unfold, building a chilling setpiece finale and ending wonder.

Realize It will be available as a digital download on March 15th and will be released as a limited edition Blu-ray on April 5th.

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Review: Realization- “Fully Grip Synthwave Head Trip Thriller”

https://www.liveforfilm.com/2021/03/07/review-come-true-an-utterly-gripping-synthwave-head-trip-thriller/ Review: Realization- “Fully Grip Synthwave Head Trip Thriller”

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