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90 days fiance A very popular reality television show on the TLC network. The show’s premise is based on the details of the K-1 immigrant visa technology that exists for foreign fiancés of US citizens. In a nutshell, this visa allows these types of couples to get married for 90 days and make it official.

Given that the show is seven seasons this season, it’s no exaggeration to say that there are many couples in the United States subject to such immigration regulations. The fact that there are some spin-offs related to the show tells us that these kinds of unions are making great TV dramas.

Not all couples who attended the show are still happy to marry. Similarly, not everyone who attended the show was well received by the audience. But many were still together and the audience couldn’t get enough of them.A trip with us celebrating some of the most beloved couples in 90 days fiance..

Kyle & Noon (Season 3)

Kyle is a bartender in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was planning and investigating a vacation to Thailand on Facebook, which he met at noon. The pair virtually defeated it and actually met in person when Kyle arrived for his trip. Informally engaged, Noon arrived in the United States and began living in a studio apartment with Kyle and his roommates.

Not surprisingly, the deal didn’t go so well, so Kyle took on the extra work so that he and noon could afford to buy his apartment. Once the details were organized, Kyle made an official and luxurious proposal at noon on a parachute trip. They are still married and live together in New Orleans.

Danny & Amy (Season 2)

Danny, 23, in Pennsylvania, met 21-year-old Amy from South Africa during their missionary trip to Australia. The audience soon fell in love with this pair. They decided to fall in love and waited until they got married to complete the relationship. It’s adorable enough to hear this, but their relationship was also controversial.

When Amy moved to the United States to be with Danny, she moved with his brother before the wedding to keep their bachelors properly intact. But the drama was a hit when it became clear that Danny’s father had racial problems with the fact that Amy was black. It took a while, but the man eventually accepted her into his family. Amy and Danny got married in 2014 and now live in Texas with their two children.

Michael & Juliana (Season 7)

Initially a controversial union, Michael and Juliana won at the end of Season 7 as one of the show’s most popular couples. At their meeting, 43 people, Michael met his junior Juliana at a yacht party in Croatia. The 23-year-old Brazilian was about to start his modeling career when he met Michael.

After meeting, the pair applied for a tourist visa so that Juliana could come to the United States and spend some time with Michael, but her application was rejected. This caused Michael to take more drastic steps, applying for a K-1 visa instead and deciding to marry her.

Their relationship was controversial because of their age difference. The family around Michael was worried about the intent and legitimacy of the relationship. Michael’s ex-wife has a lot of dissent. But these objections have passed over time, and at the moment of television glory, Michael’s ex-wife is the one who officially recognized his union with Juliana.

Melanie & Devar (Season 3)

Devar worked as a lifeguard at a Jamaican resort where Melanie was on vacation. In a whirlwind romance, Dever proposed that Melanie get married during her first vacation. Dever returned to Pennsylvania with Melanie, where her family expressed a lot of concern about the union in a hurry.

Devar settled down in life in the United States and began training to become a welder. When he started making money, Melanie’s sister gave a lot of danger signals with just how much of that money Debar was sending back to Jamaica for his family. However, the couple solved the problem and decided to get married. They are still together and now have a daughter.

Karani & Asueru (Season 6)

The relationship between Karani and Asueru began with great success! Asuelu worked at a resort in Samoa where Kalani was on vacation. The Mormons and their virgins at the time of their encounter with Asela completed their relationship, were knocked up in the first step, and soon became engaged.

After their son was born, Asueru moved from Samoa to California, where they were to get married. Karani’s family was initially very suspicious of Asueru. However, the two announced that they were expecting another child a few days before the wedding. They are happy to marry their children in California.

Revisiting the most iconic couple from the show – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/obsessions/90-day-fiance-couples/ Revisiting the most iconic couple from the show – Film Daily

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