Revived Telltale has not developed the next episode game for each episode

Teltail (that is, the group that revived the studio and some properties after a sudden shutdown a few years ago) shared a small update on the status of some products.

That memo, easy to read hereThe Wolf Among Us sequel is still planned as a “season,” saying it’s likely to be released in the episode structure known at the original Telltale studio.This time, Teltail will not start releasing episodes until the entire season of development is complete.

“We know you are excited to hear more Wolf between us 2.. And we look forward to talking to you more when the time comes. What we can say is that we are developing the entire season at once and there is still work to be done before we are ready to share the following with the Fabletown gang. It’s not time yet. “

A brief update also mentions that the resurrected Telltale has been able to re-release several legacy Telltale titles, including: The story of Monkey Island, Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventure, Strong bad cool game for attractive people, Telterre Texas Hold’M! And Telltale Batman Series: Shadow Edition.. However, in some cases the rights have returned to the IP owner, so not all of the company’s old titles will be re-released.

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