Revolutionize now and get in-game merchandise

Perfect World: Revolution takes pride in its name. This is more than just a sequel to the smash hit MMO. It also adds amazing new ideas that keep players entertained and engrossed for hours. And on June 1st, pre-registration for the next release will begin.

Perhaps the biggest twist the game adds is pretty literal. You can control the character with one hand and play it completely in portrait mode. The new one-handed method makes it even easier to focus on combat and gives you everything you need to defeat the bad guys and explore the world.

The world is built on traditional oriental aesthetics. Expect Chinese dragons, oriental architecture, character styles and more. It’s all about providing players with a unique and fresh cultural experience and a glimpse into ancient history. Perfect World: Revolution may be trying to reduce the load in terms of complex controls, but it’s still a very deep experience that heals the eyes and fingers.

So why do we need to pre-register? Well, the more players you do, the better the quality of the in-game merchandise that everyone receives when the game goes live. In addition to limited costumes, there are plenty of gems, chests, and tomes. Perfect World: Everything you need when you release Revolution.

In addition to that, there is a special team recruitment activity. Sign up and team up with your friends to receive additional rewards in your in-game inbox. It’s a pretty sweet deal and it’s not a mistake.

Perfect World: Revolution has 7 different classes and 3 different races and looks very gorgeous. If you want to pre-register for iOS or Android, frankly, you can’t imagine why you don’t. Click here for the official game websiteGames can also be found at: iOS And Android..

You can pre-register for Perfect World: Revolution and bag yourself some in-game goodies right now

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