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So Barcelona is preparing to play against Hosel Ismendi River’s SD EibarJoin us, remembering the Catalan 3-0 victory over the Basque opponents in this episode’s debut rallyga season. Rewind..

Match the background

Despite being under new control, Fútbol Club Barcelona enjoyed one of the greatest starts to the league season ever. By Matchday 7, Luis Enrique had raised the Catalan to fourth place on the league table, scoring 21 to 19 points and playing against the newcomer to Gaisca Galitano’s Eibar Primera Division.

Riga’s self-proclaimed “Brave club10 points before his trip to Catalonia, he was in 10th place in the log and enjoyed a relatively good start to life in the first division. The odds were very contrary to their favor, and thanks to the goals of Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and Xavi Hernandez, they suffered a 3-0 defeat at the iconic Camp Nou.



Alves Pique Mathieu Alba
Xavi Mascherano Roberto
Pedro Messi Neymar


Bodeva Lilo Exa Alventosa Abraham
Elaster Lana Garcia
Capa / Berrjon

first half

Lionel Messi and Dani Alves started things with another perfect show of telepathic synchronization. The two were seamlessly combined just outside the box, and the Brazilian broke the backline of the five Eibars with a through ball and found Messi. Messi’s shot was cleverly stopped by Shabir Letter.

The Argentine was soon on the scoresheet, but his curling efforts were a few centimeters away from Mark, despite a quick pass between him and Xavi.

Shortly thereafter, he turned to creator, but his cross glanced just above Neymar’s head in a hurry when he hit the goal kick. On the other hand, given the aggressive nature of Dani Alves, Eibar used the space behind through Ander Capa, but he passed Claudio Bravo and despite the wide open goalmouth. The shot only went to the side net.

Despair creeped in, but it did almost nothing to shake the host’s composure. Like surgeons with scalpels, they carefully dissected Eibar’s tight defenses during the transit phase, reminiscent of the old Barca, but despite their efforts, the low driving force of Xavi is just as great. Because they are filled with, they simply couldn’t open the score and save with Irureta.

Barcelona soon lost patience with Eibar. (Photo by Sandra Montanes / Getty Images)

Pedro Rodriguez tried to cross Messi’s 18-yard box, but despite proper contact, the ball fell directly into the goalkeeper’s thank-you arm. During the break, a slight miscommunication between Dani Alves and Gerard Piqué caused Saul Verjon to fight Bravo one-on-one, but the Chileans set the score level with the intention of maintaining his perfect record in the goal. Made a great block to keep up for the break.

Entering the half-time balsa was much better, but the chances were rare, but Eibar created a clearer opportunity for the game.

Half time: Barcelona 0-0 Eibar

Latter half

After Sergi Roberto was injured at the beginning of the second period, Luis Enrique brought Andres Iniesta, and since then the game has taken a whole new dimension. His first involvement in the game indirectly led to the opening round of Barça.

Barça’s extroverted legend, nicely combined with Xavi at the end of the box, plays the path and goes with Messi. Messi instinctively passed the ball through the needle’s eye and through the Xavi through the needle’s eye, and Xavi put the ball into the tip. Make the back side of the net 1-0. This was Argentina’s seventh assist in eight games and what a pass.

The glorious days of the world’s best midfielder. (Photo by Sandra Montanes / Getty Images)

Iniesta then threw one of his trademark long balls into Pedro, but his miscontrol narrowed the angle of the shot and Irureta was at hand for a comfortable save. After a while, Messi brilliantly chased the opener, but basically moved into a space smaller than the telephone box and scored only to the side net.

Neymar scored a whopping four goals against Japan during the international break, scoring the fifth goal of the week. After Dani Alves put a gorgeous cloth in the box, his compatriots released a gorgeous volley that was too hot to handle, despite Irureta’s best efforts. The goal was enough to put the game out of the reach of the struggling Eibar, and their golden boy put the last nail in the casket just two minutes later.

As a result of all his efforts, Messi achieved one of his trademark finishes, a goal worthy of just over half of the second half. In the middle of Eibar’s territory, he confronted their defenders directly and eventually found Neymar waiting at the edge of the box. The Brazilian then put the ball on the plate for his South American counterpart. And he hit the ball firmly behind the net to kill the game.No hits, no mistakes Messi-Neymar Duo..

Messi’s deadly duo-Neymar is back. (Photo by David Ramos / Getty Images)

It was his 250th goal on Spain’s top flight, and it’s a moment to win it! With Classico just a week away, this goal leaves only two of Riga’s greatest goal scorers in history, comparable to Termosara, at the age of 27, giving him the chance to rub salt on the fierce enemy wounds at Bernabeu. had. No less.

The victory put Barca in first place in the log, and Claudio Bravo left Barca without giving up a goal for 12 consecutive hours in the domestic league, scoring no goals in eight consecutive times.

Barcelona wants to recreate this performance Because they are hosting Eibar I hope tomorrow will continue on the path of victory.

full-time: Barcelona 3-0 Eibar

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Rewind: Barcelona 8-1 Huesca, 2014/15 Rewind: Barcelona 8-1 Huesca, 2014/15

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