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Rex Ryan had a tough message Carson Wentz..

Wentz has been demoted to backup quarterback Philadelphia Eagles Like Jalen Hurts started for two weeks in a row.According to Sunday’s report Wentz is dissatisfied with the situation If things don’t change, you’ll want to be traded or released by Philly.

Ryan listened to the report and responded by telling Wentz to grow up and improve his demotion.

Ryan said:

“First, do you think Philly will allow this guy to come back? And I’m talking about the Fanbase and the people of Philadelphia. This is the wrong city to mess with. Carson Wentz, you Don’t want to be a backup? Well, no joke. Nobody in the world wants to be a backup. ”

“I’ll tell you who’s more disappointed besides Carson Wentz. What about the Philadelphia Eagles? They gave you $ 100 million, and you said,” Oh, I’m disappointed with the backup. I think that there. We are the same! We are the same! Do you think we gave you $ 100 million wasted on the bench? number! You are being beaten by a guy who I honestly didn’t think I had a skill set.

“The biggest thing is to stop being a baby. You are yesterday’s news.”

Ryan gets paid for giving this kind of opinion, so his tone isn’t surprising. But it’s hard to imagine Wentz having a much more future at the Eagles the way Wentz and Hearts played this season. That’s why he wants it.

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Rex Ryan tells Carson Wentz to “stop being a baby” Rex Ryan tells Carson Wentz to “stop being a baby”

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