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The winner of the Supercars race has spent the last two days in Winton with the Kelly Grove Racing Team. Ratings performed on Nissan supercars for Rookie Matt Payne..

But Pain isn’t the only one to win the lap. Reynolds enjoys driving through a variety of cars.

He spent today wrapping a Victorian country circuit in a Penlight-backed Ford Mustang supercar and team boss Stephen Grove’s Porsche GT3 R. Hyundai Excel, owned by Todd Kelly and raced by his teenage son Mason..

For Reynolds, the test was a welcome return to the truck after being stuck on the couch for more than two months due to a break caused by a pandemic in the supercar season.

He also spends most of his breaks on blockades, limited to within 5 kilometers of his home, thanks to the ongoing outbreak in his hometown of Melbourne.

“It took me a or two laps to get my brain up and running, but not so much. I’ve been doing this for a long time!” Reynolds told

“But I’m glad I came back. I’ve been sitting on the couch for a long time thinking about my life. As a race driver, you’re looking forward to the next race. As long as you have the next test day or race. Think If you look, you have some guidance in your life.

“But there was nothing before this test.

“Doing something else feels like a stupid privilege. It’s pretty cool to get out of the 5 Kay radius, play with the race team and do what you love.

“Today I drove a Mustang, GT3 R. This was one of the coolest cars I’ve ever driven and I drove a Mason Kelly Hyundai Excel. This is … no difference. rice field.

“Mason was a second faster than me, so I have to go back and do a better job.”

Asked to elaborate on why the Porsche GT car was so much fun, Reynolds said:

“It’s a gentleman’s car. Paddle shift, ABS … you can’t make many mistakes. All you’re doing in a supercar is trying to fix your mistakes.”

Supercar season is set to Reopened at Sydney Motorsport Park at the end of October..

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Reynolds cuts supercar, Excel laps with Winton Reynolds cuts supercar, Excel laps with Winton

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