Rez and Tetris Effect Designer working on a new synesthesia game

Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi is celebrating the 19th anniversary of the game by announcing that he is working on a new game. Mr. Mizuguchi, who was also active as a designer of Tetris Effect, shared news about the next project from Studio Enhance.

In a tweet, Mizuguchi announced that the studio is “advancing” with a new game, “a whole new adventure with synesthesia.” The term refers to a neurological condition that unknowingly evokes another sensation in a sensory experience. For example, you can see the sounds and hear the colors.

Rez’s musical visualization has long been equated with a form of synesthesia.

Rez already has a sequel to the Xbox 360 Kinect’s most played game, the Child of Eden. The game received 8.5 / 10 in a GameSpot review. On the other hand, the Tetris effect gained 9/10. If you haven’t played this new take on Tetris yet, it’s available on your Xbox Game Pass.

Rez received an update for the PSVR called Rez Infinite in 2017. This is generally considered the ultimate version of the game and has been awarded 9/10 in GameSpot reviews.

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