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So I want to put some $$ in this mob, but first I want to put some thoughts there :)

These people have a big future for utilities, such as leasing / selling batteries to utilities as a way to level demand and as a way for utilities to store and offload cheap electricity. I understand. High price.

Sending commands over the Internet to increase supply is much faster than introducing an overpaid shift in a coal-fired power plant to start supplying to the furnace.;) (That is, it only powers at normal time rates)

But … I’m a little worried about the upcoming residential mom and dad power providers …
Made in Australia focuses on major suppliers, but IMO rarely blows away regular Joe.

Does REdFlow have its own technology? How can I stop Mr. Chinaman from releasing a very cheap version of this product? Besides control electronics and inverter technology, is there anything special about Redflow batteries other than the CEO’s industry contacts?

If China comes up with industry standards for replaceable electrodes and supplies them cheaply, why would the domestic market choose Redflow over cheaper general suppliers? Is Redflow Worth a 2K Premium?

What are people’s thoughts about homes that sell electricity? Is there enough money to guarantee a battery leasing transaction for consumers / small suppliers?

I’m still thinking, but I have too many questions.

RFX-Redflow Limited | Australian Equity Forum RFX-Redflow Limited | Australian Equity Forum

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