Rhythm and Exercise Review –

Nintendo seems to be working hard on fitness games right now. Ring Fit Adventure, a free skipping rope game, the original Fitness Boxing, and now the sequel to this sequel, the Nintendo Switch, is one of the best consoles for anyone who wants to stay healthy. For this reason, it is natural to expect high standards from them. After all, anyone who goes through a Ring Fit Adventure session can tell you how effective the game is in moving you or making you feel dying. ..

Fitness Boxing 2 is a very different style of fitness than the one featured in Ring Fit, but of course it’s exactly the same type of fitness that the first Fitness Boxing offers. When I say it’s exactly the same, I really mean it in almost every sense.

I also know what I wanted and what I got from Fitness Boxing 2. Fitness Boxing 2 is an improvement over the original game, but only a few. There are plenty of great accessibility options to avoid uncreated movements and tweak other important things, but with some new instructors, some new songs, and some more sophisticated graphics. A game that isn’t really new, except for the and UI.

It adds something like a proper score function that allows you to build bigger and bigger scores before entering a special mode where all the levels become chaotic and colorful. The new areas are also very nice, each nice and lively, but it’s all just window dressing. I wanted something a little more from now on.

Instead, Fitness Boxing 2 feels like a continuation, with some aspects of fitness quite off. For starters, calorie counting is significantly off. This is what he says as a personal trainer for five years. You can see that it consumes an average of about 10 calories per minute, but given my height and weight, it’s definitely not. Probably close to 3 or 4.

Next, there is the difficulty setting. There are many ways to change the difficulty of your workout. Increasing the length of your workout is one of them, but it’s important to include other methods such as strength. Fitness Boxing 2 has a difficulty setting, but all you have to do is lengthen the session and it’s not really difficult. If you can speed up your workouts and add exercises, it’s a much better experience, but you can’t.

I’m a little angry with Fitness Boxing 2. There are still good fitness games here, but it’s not enough to push those who are new to fitness and are plagued by the lack of more detailed options on difficulty.


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