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Ric Flair’s storytime episode on Peacock’s WWE Network has been removed. So he talks about undressing on an airplane.

Last week’s fallout from “Dark Side of the Ring” continues with Ric Flair in “The Nature Boy.” In a recent episode focusing on an event at the infamous WWE Plane Ride From Hell, a flight attendant named Heidi Doyle claimed that Flare had exposed her to her private life. Is Ric Flair “banned” by AEW?

These developments clearly did not sacrifice his classic popular TV advertising gig to Flair as the “face of the car shield.” PW Insider Reports that the company has suspended two WWE Hall of Fame advertising campaigns. A spokesperson for CarShield’s advertising agency, Intermediate, said of the event that took place in the latest “Dark Side of the Ring” episode:

“We take these issues very seriously. We are currently suspending our campaign and doing due diligence.”

So far, Flair has not yet addressed any of the claims made in the episode. But in a recent edition of Lenny Packet’s “Oral Session” podcast, he said he wanted to come back to talk about him after the episode aired. Ric Flair’s allegations of harassment also recently landed this celebrity in hot water.

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Ric Flair “Removed” from Major WWE Show Ric Flair “Removed” from Major WWE Show

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