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Ricardo wanted to make the ship jump from Renault to McLaren during the off-season and outperform the two podiums he achieved in the Enstone team in two years.

Ricardo had team boss Cyril Abiteboul agree to put a tattoo on his ankle after Ricardo’s first podium after failing to make it into the top three in his first season with Renault.

Ricardo is the new team McLaren, and team boss Andreas Seidl said it’s safe to be inked, but Brown, who owns a huge collection of historic race cars, refuses to Ricardo. I made an offer that I couldn’t do.

In a behind-the-scenes boxless video of McLaren at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Brown is a big fan of Dale Earnhardt Sr. and rides Ernhardt’s 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo on Ricardo, who races in NASCAR’s legendary number three. I promised.

Brown gave Ricardo a delighted scale model of Wrangler’s lively car, “I handed him a contract, but I think it’s the first podium you’ll try the real thing.”

Feeling sick about P7 is a good sign

Given McLaren’s promising early form on the MCL35M, the podium will appear on the cards of Ricardo and his teammate Lando Norris after the pair finishes 7th and 4th in Bahrain.

Ricardo was unable to keep up with Briton’s pace after being first passed by Norris. This was partially explained by the floor damage he suffered in the collision with Pierre Guthrie.It takes a lot of downforce“.

After the race, Ricardo said he was happy with the flow of his first weekend with McLaren, despite the lack of race pace that had not been diagnosed at the time.

“I think the team has definitely made a good start and I think it’s comfortable,” Ricardo said.

“If you feel you didn’t have a good race in 7th place today, I think it’s just a sign to come.

“I think it was positive from the whole weekend. It was solid and I think I definitely got some great points from the team’s point of view.

Ricardo said he felt better than his first race in Renault two years ago after his McLaren debut.

“It will just take some time, probably because I still don’t have the setup I’m really sure or love,” he explained.

“When I finished the first few races with Renault, I felt better than two years ago.

“I feel like I’m one step ahead of the game right now, but I’m still not where I want to be.”

Additional report by Adam Cooper

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Ricardo promised to ride Earnhardt Chevrolet with a new podium bet Ricardo promised to ride Earnhardt Chevrolet with a new podium bet

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