Richard Donner confirms that he directs the deadly weapon 5!

Richard Donner confirms that he directs the deadly weapon 5!

Even at the age of 90, Richard Donner isn’t too old for this sh * t!At least when it comes to teaming up with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, they’ll be back in the star in one final. Lethal Weapon movies.Donor revealed as much in an interview with Telegraph, And confirmed that he actually oversees Riggs and Martau Last Go out.

“This is the end” The donor said. “It’s my privilege and duty to put it to sleep. It’s actually exciting … haha! That’s the last, I promise you that.”

The· Lethal Weapon The franchise started in 1987 and has produced four films ever since. Lethal Weapon 4 The film eventually earned $ 285 million at the box office (against a huge budget of $ 100- $ 150 million), but recorded lukewarm reviews and reactions from critics and spectators. doing.Hopefully the donor has enough juice left to give us something more Lethal Weapon 2 As a result, the series can be a huge success.

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Earlier this year, Danny Glover told Variety:I have some plansRegarding the fourth sequel.

“”I don’t want to distribute the script I read, but I found that it has a very strong connection to some of what’s happening today.“Glover said. “”I can say that. But it was January. History changes very quickly. But yes, there was talk about it. I can only tell you, if that happens, there is something special about it. If Lethal Weapon contributes a little more to our understanding. It will be interesting to do. It will be interesting to see how we perceive this within the current political framework. The economic framework in which we are. In particular, its framework in contrast to the types of police violence, the types of police standards, and the communities affected by the forces they exercise. And what’s interesting from that point of view is what the attempt will look like at this particular moment.

The first film, produced by Shane Black, directed by Richard Donner and released in 1987, teamed up with reckless and PTSD-stricken Martin Riggs (Gibson) to confuse veteran detective Roger Marteau (Glover). ) Was followed. The buddy comedy has been praised by critics, earning more than $ 120 million on a $ 15 million budget, three sequels starring two, and Damon Wayans Sr. and Clayne Crawford playing the roles of Marteau and Riggs. We have created a franchise that includes a comedy film. I ran for three seasons at Fox before it was cancelled.

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Gibson and Glover have been stuck for a long time as they have stated that they have no interest and problems with the various screenplays offered until the next news in January, but the fifth movie has been negotiated for years. Masu Deadly Weapon 5 The duo came back with the donor and was actively developed.

Richard Donner confirms that he directs the deadly weapon 5!

https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/1159593-richard-donner-confirms-he-will-direct-lethal-weapon-5?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=richard-donner-confirms-he-will-direct-lethal-weapon-5 Richard Donner confirms that he directs the deadly weapon 5!

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